The TSA Was Supposed to Prepare You For Routine Sexual Violations

‘Violated’: Women Subjected to ‘Roadside Body Cavity Search’ During Routine Traffic Stop (And Dash Cam Caught It All) | Video |

Two Texas women, Angel Dobbs, 38, and her niece Ashley Dobbs, 24 are suing the TX State Troopers for unlawfully searching their body cavities along the side of the highway, this past July.

The dash cam of the cop car recorded it for all the world to see.  You can determine that the search actually occurred  if you desire to follow the link at the top.

A detail mentioned in the story is that the same latex gloves were used by officer Kelley Helleson to search both women vaginally and anally. The women were initially pulled over by officer David Farrell  for throwing cigarette butts out the window.

It’s like that with the TSA also.    If you have a concern to avoid sexually transmitted infections, you might wish to consider this when flying, and now, when taking a road trip through Texas.


Are Politicians Smarter Than a Seventh Grader?

The answer is NO!

Newtown  middle schoolers Max Goldstein and his brother VOLUNTARILY quit playing the shoot ’em up video games. Goldstein says that continuing to indulge in them  is “rude and disrespectful to the families” of the Sandy Hook  victims.  They’re encouraging others to follow suit.   The CBS headline (below)  describing Goldstein’s  initiative is inaccurate, as he’s asking for people to follow his example of their own free will.   His goal is to reduce the presence of the games in the U.S. by a third.

Newtown 7th Grader Starts Movement To Rid America Of Violent Video Games « CBS New York.

It’s more reasonable to suppose that continuous overindulgence in extremely graphic video violence would have more influence over a developing mind than the mere presence of guns.  Maybe if the kids get outside and interact with each other a bit more,  some of these tragedies might be averted.

Rather than asking people to change their gaming habits,  the big kids in Washington want to pass federal versions of the ineffective regulations banning guns in schools, and heavily restricting them in the entire state of Connecticut.   The federal lawmakers have gone home for Christmas.  Hopefully  next year they’ll be too distracted by angry tax payers looking at their shrunken January paychecks to  waste time with the gun laws.

Did ABC’s Jake Tapper Get Tired of People Looking At Him?

Is that why he moved to CNN, which nobody watches?     If CNN were not showing in airports and certain other public facilities, very few people would see that network at all.  That’s why Pharmer thinks that Jake must be getting camera shy or something.  There is also  the possibility that the ailing CNN has offered ginormous money to Tapper, hoping that he’ll boost their abysmal U.S. ratings.

ABC News Announces New Correspondent Assignments in Washington D.C. Bureau – ABC News.

Mass Murderers in the Wings: The Mental Health Problem

Lisa Long writes in the Blue Review, predicting that her own son, a kid with serious behavioral problems, could become the next mass murderer.  She sequesters all the sharp objects, and has a rapid escape routine for the rest of her kids to keep them safe from her increasingly violent 13 year old son.  Take the time to read her description of life with a violent and  mentally ill child, for whom adequate treatment and resources do not exist.


In Chenpeng village, Henan province, a crazy man slashed 22 children and an adult at the gate of a school.   This comes from  the Xinhua news agency on Friday.

This isn’t an isolated incident in the country where most people are limited to having only one child.   In 2010,  a man slashed 28 kindergarten aged kids,  two teachers and a guard at a school in Eastern China.

Despite the obvious,  the U.S. media had already begun a full scale campaign to use the  tragic deaths of Connecticut kindergarteners to push an anti-gun political agenda.   This mission was pursued with uncanny speed, even before information on the attack and the perpetrator had been sorted out.  Similarly the media also failed to report accurately on the deaths of the hundreds of Mexican citizens killed by the Mexican drug cartels, armed with U.S. government supplied guns of the Fast and Furious operation, for the sake of that same anti-gun agenda.

Fast and Furious? Sandy Hook Shooting

School shootings are what brought about the gun bans in other countries, and this might be the formula that  Obama is following.   Deaths of the youngest kids might be just the ticket for Obama to convince people that all guns should be banned everywhere, leaving us all even more helpless than those in such states as Connecticut, where the gun laws are already very strict.

Our confused news media hasn’t even been sure of the shooter’s identity, giving the brother of the shooter all sorts of additional social problems by publishing his name as the perpetrator.

Schools have been transformed into target rich environments  of helpless victims, as nearly all of them are known to be gun free zones, and the students are inculcated with “anti-bullying” doctrine accompanied by zero tolerance for self defense instincts.  

Prayers for the families of the people killed by one more confused and crazy guy, reared in the cognitive dissonance of  America’s increasing  spiritual vacuum.  How was he to know that killing kids is objectively wrong, when his own president thinks it should be  legal to throw newborn babies in a soiled linen room of a hospital to die?

Obama, the poster boy of  spiritual vacuum, managed to squeeze out a fake tear for the children, while addressing  today’s tragic consequence of America’s spiral into the toilet.

Pharmer wonders if another Fast and Furious project might be supplying  the guns to deranged people  for these kinds of shootings, as they have been supplying  the Mexican drug cartels.  It would take a special effort  to overcome the strict policies in these gun-restrictive states and their schools.   How else to bring about a change in public sentiment and a federal ban on firearms?

Celestial Discharge: Ravi Shankar, Master Musician

India surely counts Pandit (wise teacher) Ravi Shankar’s death, yesterday, Dec 11, as a huge loss.  The master of the sitar has served as a cultural icon and a bridge from that country to the rest of the world.

Visit to learn more about this great musician and listen to some of his work. His family tells us that he underwent surgery, which had been expected to alleviate long standing health problems. The heart valve replacement surgery occurred last Thursday, in San Diego, but his 92 year old body was unable to recover from the ordeal.

In November Ravi Shankar made his last public performance, with his daughter Anoushka wearing an oxygen mask. His long and productive life certainly speaks favorably for continuing to work as long as one is able.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid respects to Ravi Shankar, calling him “National Treasure” and ambassador of India’s cultural heritage. Shankar had been recognized in 1999 with the title Bharat Ratna, which means Jewel of India, the highest award for civilians in any field of endeavor.

The world will be missing beautiful music coming from this master. Prayers for Ravi Shankar, his family, and his chief musical heir, Anoushka Shankar.

(Another) Pharmacist Refuses to Sell Morning After Pill to a Man

Quite a significant number of pharmacists prefer to sell the morning after pills only to the actual patient.  If you search the net, you’ll find a fair number of stories detailing this phenomenon.

Apparently a recent story has made the news and has a bit of buzz on the blogs. Seems that “Hilary and Jon” had a desire for the morning after pill. They’re not yet married, and apparently not ready to have a baby. Jon was surprised to encounter a female pharmacist who would not sell the drug to him.

Some people have no idea why a pharmacist, who is willing to sell those pills, would make that decision. The girls at Reality Check seem to fall into this group.  So Pharmer made an attempt to explain this to them, and added a bit of extra bonus information.

1) Many formerly over the counter remedies have been placed in restricted access due to abuse.  All cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine are now behind the pharmacist’s counter, and sales are restricted,  because people like to use that chemical to produce methamphetamine.

2) The morning after pills are sometimes abused by males, who give them to females without their consent, sometimes as a chaser to “date rape” drugs.  Because of this, it makes sense to restrict the sale of the morning after pills to men.  Congratulations to the pharmacist who had enough sense to understand  this, and take a stand to protect women.

3)  It is misbranding to refer to a drug as “contraception” if it does not significantly stop or delay ovulation during or after the luteal peak (during the most fertile time of the month).  Part of its action is due to mechanisms operating after fertilization.   The morning after pills are properly classed as “hormonal birth control”, not “contraception”.

4) The morning after pills have shown MUCH less  effectiveness than was initially claimed.  It makes NO sense for a woman to change sexual behavior due to reliance on the morning after pills.  They reduce pregnancy rates by about 60 percent, or LESS.

5) In general, the effect of marketing ulipristal acetate, and levonorgestrel as morning-after-pills will be to stem the decline of the abortion rate.   The spectre of increasingly abysmal medical care, overlaid by ever increasing drug shortages has possibly  killed the mood for a lot of women, leading to a dip in abortion demand in the U.S.  Heavily marketing a poorer quality birth control option might be enough to keep the abortion businesses alive.  Levonorgestrel MAP was strongly associated with that effect in Anna Glasier’s Scottish studies.

Pharmer finds the morning after pills to be problematic on a number of levels, ranging from ethics to efficacy, and doesn’t dispense them at all.

George Zimmerman Files Suit Against NBC

Remember that audio from NBC painting George Zimmerman (who killed Trayvon Martin during an altercation)  as a racist wanna-be cop?  The one that excluded the 911 operator’s part in the conversation? The one that incited all those race riots and death threats, and is possibly the reason that Zimmerman is in jail?

NBC version:
Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

The real transcript :
Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something.
It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”
Dispatcher: “OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?”
Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

Zimmerman is suing NBC now, and Pharmer hopes that he gets millions in punitive damages.

More at Fox News.