Day of Resistance Rallies in Tri-State. – We the Hoosiers

Info for this announcement was supplied by We the Hoosiers,  the S.E. Indiana Tea Party group, via email.

Day of Resistance Rally – Saturday, February 23
Join others in the Tri-State (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) area to rally together in order to ‘Protect the 2nd Amendment’!
The rallies are each, one of many, which will take place across the country on Saturday. The movement comes as President Barack Obama is promoting gun control. Bring your flags and your signs pertaining to the 2nd amendment!

There are two rallies in the Tri-State:

1) 12:00pm – 4:00pm – The Square at Union Centre, 9285 Centre Pointe Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069. (This is where the huge rally for Romney/Ryan was held the Friday just before the Tuesday election in November).
The Cincinnati Day of Resistance is honored to have some excellent guest speakers lined up for the rally. The list so far is:
Ohio Senator Kris Jordan – Author of Ohio SB 36
Ohio Representative John Becker, District 65
Ohio Representative Margy Conditt, District 52
Franklin County Commissioner Scott McDonough
Scott Landreth from the Ohio Tenth Amendment Center
K Carl Smith of Frederick Douglass Republicans
Ted Stevenot from the Clermont Tea Partyand
Updated info can be found at:

2) 12:00pm – 2:00pm – A Day of Resistance rally is planned for Saturday, February 23 from noon to 2:00 p.m. at the Blue Star building, 24 Spiral Drive, in Florence, Kentucky. The event is being sponsored by the Grassroots Tea Party of Boone County.
According to the tea party organization’s Facebook page, the peaceful demonstration is “to show our elected officials that We The People are against the proposed gun laws that pave the way for national disarmament.”

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, Boone County Sheriff Michael Helmig, Kenton County Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn, Campbell County Sheriff Jeff Kidwell, Boone County Constable Joe Kalil, and others will speak at the rally.


Washington Post Downsizing

Washington Post is planning to lay off 54 employees, after losing 45.4 million in value, with shares dropping by $6.57 in the 4th quarter of 2012.    That’s for the company as a whole.   The print version of the newspaper is doing worse, losing 12 percent of advertising dollars.  This loss was partly made up by the online paper, and Slate.

Keep up the good work, boycotters.   The lamestream media needs to pay for abdicating its role of policing the activities of government.

The World’s Biggest Tick Sucks $Billion by Betting Against Yen

George Soros Bags $1 Billion Betting Against Yen.

The latest host of the World’s biggest tick, George Soros, is Japan. Japan’s yen has taken a big dump, between November and February, losing 20% against the dollar. Soros has been sucking the whole time, gaining a billion in profits from the Japanese, whose government is printing money as fast as it can. Companion ticks are hedge funds: Greenlight Capital, Third Point, and Hayman Capital.

Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here « CBS Detroit

Comcast To Firearms Shops: Your Money’s No Good Here « CBS Detroit.

Comcast is a big owner of NBC, and a cable service giant in the United States. Being leftie owned, it is refusing advertisements from firearms manufacturers as a matter of policy. Looking for self consistency from them would be futile. They will continue to pump ads for more dangerous things into people’s homes, and programming containing gratuitous violence of all kinds including that involving firearms.

It is noteworthy that firearms manufacturers are selling guns faster than they can make them, so perhaps advertising is less crucial than in the past. This step by Comcast might not be as significant as they think it is.

Still it is worthwhile for Second Amendment supporters to consider boycotting Comcast, changing cable providers, going to internet sources of entertainment, getting satellite or DSL as an internet provider, etc.

Obama and Reggie Back from Florida

Obama deigned to say a few words to the press on his return from the Florida Golf Outing with the Boys, hence……

He made Headlines

drudge obama reggie love 2-19-13-560

Detail below….


drudge obama reggie love 2-19-detail


From the Weekly Standard

drudge obama reggie love weekly standard 2-19-13

Yes indeed, it appears that  Obama was vacationing with Reggie Love over the president’s day weekend.  


Per an article at Breitbart,  a former Bush Whitehouse spokesman believes that the press was cut off throughout most of Obama’s outing so that he might not appear out of touch with the circumstances of the rest of Americans.  Also he was supposedly not wanting to offend female supporters by making a public splash of his time spent with Tiger Woods on the golf course, (and Reggie Love),  instead of the expected vacation with his family, which was sent off to Colorado on a ski trip.

ColoradoRep. Joe Salazar: Rape Defense for Women

Call boxes, “safe zones”, whistles are the Joe Salazar (Democrat Colorado State Rep) plan for women’s self defense against rape.
You don’t know if you’re about to be raped……
That stalker might not be wanting to harm you. You have no way of knowing. Women should not have guns for self defense.
Women are not to be credited with the ability to identify an imminent attack, says this representative of the women’s rights party.

Under consideration is a Colorado Bill, 13-1226, to further target educational institutions for crazy shooters, by prohibiting concealed carry on Colorado college campuses. Existing Colorado law allows concealed carry for people over 21 years of age, after training classes.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad Tells Karl Rove to Stay Out

Iowa Gov. Branstad to Rove: ‘Stay Out’.

Karl Rove, who is currently at war with the conservatives of the Tea Party, and who has been instrumental in the defeat of a number of Tea Party backed candidates, has been asked to keep his super PAC out of Iowa.

Governor Terry Branstad told Rove that it is not smart for groups from outside Iowa to be attacking candidates in that state.

Rove has been attacking Representative Steve King, who is in the running for the Senate seat being vacated by Tom Harkin.    Since he is a conservative, Rove’s PAC has been smearing him, and accusing him of having the “Todd Akin problem”, and that everything he has ever said is going to be hung around his neck.

Yes, the Republican establishment is wanting to eat the conservatives.   We have no place in that party.

Thanks to Gov. Branstad for having the sense to tell Rove to get lost.

In another sign of the Times,  the California Republican party has put Ben Shapiro in a keynote speaking position formerly to be filled by Rove, supposedly due to a scheduling conflict.  Perhaps this is an attempt to throw an olive branch to conservatives.

Pharmer believes that the Republican party is too far gone, and that much more pain, and a great deal of shrinkage,  is to befall Americans before there is a return to constitutional and conservative principles.