Leftist Sociology Professor Retracts his Life in Research

Diederik A Stapel has lost his position at Tilburg University after his body of published research has come under question for fraud. Stapel had become a commonly  cited reference for the leftist media, in giving their views on human behavior and motivations.  The New York Times is having to face the fact that one of their oft referenced social “scientists” has retracted nearly all of his working life.

 Retraction Watch, a very important blog used by  researchers to keep tabs on fraud, dishonesty and retractions in their fields, has been keeping a tally on the disintegration of Stapel’s sociological house of cards.  He’s flying high in the Frequent Retraction category with over 50 articles  retracted by  such resources as the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Stapel is noted for contributing so much to the body of beliefs that leftists hold about human behavior, which are simply not true…. such as the fictitious associations of 1) meat eating and selfishness,  and 2) filthy environments with aversion to people of other races, and 3) capitalism with gluttonous over-consumption.

Lifenews: Australian Doc Might Lose License for Refusing Sex Selection Abortion

Victoria, Australia requires physicians to perform an abortion or refer for one whenever asked.   This includes cases in which women want to abort a baby because it’s a girl.

Yes, there is a big leftist war on women going on in Victoria, Australia.

Dr. Mark Hobart, in Melbourne is expecting to have to give up his license to practice medicine because he refused to cooperate in an abortion for a couple because they didn’t want to have a girl.

Hobart refused to give a referral for the sex selection abortion, Hobart has broken the law in his state, and he is expecting suspension or complete loss of his license.

In Victoria, abortion and the state’s war on women trumps any human rights.   Consider this if you have thought of moving to that part of the world.  The remaining medical professionals  are probably of decreasing quality as the ones who balk at killing are being removed from practice.

NYT and WAPO Find Planned Parenthood School Sex Ed Too Shocking for Their Readers

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post refused ads from the American Life League which contained images from Planned Parenthood’s sex ed for grade school kids.   The material in question is targeted for kids as young as 10 years old, yet the two leftie papers refused ads with the excuse that sample material was too shocking for their adult readers.

These two fading news rags are big Planned Parenthood supporters, yet they seem not to approve of the sex ed programs that the abortion giant is bringing into American primary schools.  The Washington post found the images too graphic.   The New York Times would only run the ads if the American Life League would blur the images which are used to teach our 10 year old kids.

Do you want to see the stuff which the WaPo and NYT think is too shocking for public viewing??  They are gross, but it might be good for you to know that your tax dollars are being used to show really graphic stuff to sexualize  your kids, and a teacher can get fired for refusing to cooperate.   Click here for a sample at HookingKids. 

ALL wants you to visit StopPlannedParenthood.com  for more info on how to protest the use of this garbage to pollute American children.

Live Action at the Abortion/Infanticide Interface Video2

At the Washington Surgi-Clinic  in our nation’s capital, the Live Action undercover team catches abortionist Cesare Santangelo describing his manner of bypassing the requirements of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.
He informs us that the worst thing his clients could do is panic and go to the hospital if they go into labor during the laminaria treatments. Then they could be stuck with a baby. If the patients wait, and come to him, he could assure them that the baby would not survive. His method of preventing survival is to sever the umbilical cord and cause the baby to bleed out.  Watch the video HERE.  <—Click it.

live action infanticide video 2-1 live action infanticide video 2- 2

For decades, early delivery has been a preferred method for late term abortions, because it allows practitioners to avoid the surgical mishaps, perforations, infections, and lawsuits.  This procedure, when done after viability,  leads to infanticide.  The baby is either killed actively or by exposure or medical neglect.

Don’t forget to tweet or otherwise pass this along in social media, because the media does not want people to know what’s going on in America’s abortion clinics.

Live Action: Late Term Abortion/Infanticide in New York

Live Action Films is in the process of uncovering American Infanticides.
The first portion of the film is done at Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center, 560 Southern BLVD, Bronx, New York, which does abortions up to 24 weeks gestation.
Hear the description from an abortion employee of the manner in which a born alive baby is killed at an abortion clinic in New York.

And what if the baby is born alive at home? “Flush it!”

The full footage of this video is offered online HERE

Foodstamps for Illegal Immigrants

The USDA is passing around a flyer which explains that (illegal) immigrants do not have to supply information on their immigration status in order to obtain food stamps.   Click on the link and see the document (collected by Judicial Watch) which contains that statement.

Usted no tiene que proporcionar informacion sobre su situacion migratoria al solicatar este beneficio para sus hijos.

The USDA actually has supplied the Mexican Embassy with this flyer.

The supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which is overseen by the USDA, has been growing by leaps and bounds, now serving one out of five households in the U.S..

U.S. taxpayers will be happy to know that the government is spreading the wealth far and wide.


Obama to Planned Parenthood: “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”

Abortion At the Heart of Obamacare
Abortion at the Heart of Obamacare

Obama reassured pro-aborts in his Friday address to Planned Parenthood: “You’ve also got a president who’s going to be right there with you, fighting every step of the way,”

He lauded planned parenthood for their industry of providing birth control and abortions to girls and women, and their TSA method of breast cancer “screenings”. Recall that the organization does NOT provide mammography services.

Unmentioned in his speech are efforts to promote women’s safety and improve abortionists standard of service, the decision to put the morning after pill out on store shelves, and the ongoing murder trial of the infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

You've Got a Friend in Me
You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Breitbart Celebrates -The Leftie Media Catching Up in the Pigford USDA Fraud story.

In 2010, Andrew Breitbart got into a fight with the NAACP, charging them with their very own racism.  He published a video showing an NAACP audience  which had cheered a statement in a speech by Shirley Sherrod  mentioning an initial desire  to refuse to help a white farmer in her capacity as USDA Director of Rural Development in Georgia.  Not withstanding Breitbart’s accompanying  statement that Ms. Sherrod  actually decided that she would render aid to that farmer, the lefties attempted to spin his message against the NAACP attitudes as an attack on Shirley Sherrod. An apparent basis for their spin  is the leftist assumption that their constituency cannot read, and could only take in  the video clip.   This fight grew into a firestorm, and eventually  led to Breitbart’s  investigation into a class action lawsuit of discrimination against Black farmers, from which Sherrod  and her husband had benefited to the tune of $13 million, prior to her being hired by the USDA.

This was the Pigford v. Glickman decision, which morphed into the most bloated civil rights settlement in history.

While an expected 2000 Black farmers who had been thought to suffer discrimination from the USDA’s loan grant policies, the number of applicants for payouts ballooned to 16,000.    In  2008,  Senator Obama sponsored legislation was passed, which  allowed another 70,000 people to qualify for settlements stemming from this original USDA decision.  This latter law allowed Ms. Sherrod the larger $13 million windfall from the government.

The huge numbers of people benefiting from the original Pigford and Glickman payout by the USDA  massively exceeded the total number of Black Farmers in the United States.  Breitbart had uncovered one more government boondoggle paying out billions of dollars to more than double the total 40,000 black farmers in the U.S.  He published a series of articles explaining the government fraud, which was ignored by the mainstream media, except FOX.

Now that the    New York Times has finally caught up to this web of government fraud, and payment of agricultural settlement money to people who were never farmers, Breitbart.com is celebrating today that the lamestream media has finally noticed.  One problem with their own article is the suggestion in the headline, that the story in the New York TImes “Vindicates ” Breitbart. Wrong!………. The headline should indicate instead that the New York Times is finally catching up with Breitbart.
The erroneous idea that the NYT  is the news of record is something which needs to be corrected.
The “Gray Lady” has been exhibiting signs of dementia for years.

GE Capital Cuts Off Gun Stores

GE Capital, the  financial division of General Electric, has ceased lending money to stores which exclusively sell guns and ammo.   They retain a  policy loophole which  allows them to retain their relationship with Walmart and Dicks  because those retailers sells other products in addition to shooting supplies.  Of note is the fact that the father of Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, is a big executive at GE capital.

This policy change is supposed to be done quietly, but conservative media has the job of making sure that everyone knows.

Your friendly Pharmer  has been boycotting General Electric  for years, first due to its earlier ownership of NBC, a leftie media outlet,  and later due to its position as an Obama crony and beneficiary.  Now there’s another reason to boycott.