Happy June!

Your friendly Pharmer has returned from redneckia to cyberspace once again.  Why the hiatus?   Spring planting of a rather large garden, plus a couple of familial speedbumps, caused a period of bloggus interruptus.  Also, a discovery that the soap made in Pharmer’s kitchen is waaaaaay better than the stuff in the stores impelled the production of MORE product.  There seems to be a demand, so gifting is becoming a breeze.  After ‘playing with chemistry’ for a number of years, saponifying at home is fairly easy, however there is a learning curve to cutting straight with that big cheese knife.

Jewelweed,  used  in "Pharmer's Local Weed Soap".
Jewelweed Used in Pharmer’s “Local Weed Soap”

Click for Pharmer’s soap list- pdf file.  More to follow.