Anchor Babies Born vs Black Americans Aborted

There have been about 340,000 babies born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants every year.   During the same period, (circa 2008) there have been about 450,000 Black Americans aborted each year.

Obama and the social engineers have been working to pick up the pace of anchor baby production in recent years, while abortion rates overall have fallen a bit.  It is expected that they have probably reached, or even overshot the equilibrium that they might have been seeking.


Stem Express Went to Court to Keep This Covered Up

Now you know why…….. it gets grosser and sicker, selling baby parts and INTACT whole babies, over a meal in a nice restaurant.

You can also learn about  the pitfalls of baby part quality control, blood clots, contamination, and rampant bacterial problems in certain clinics.  Wonder if that spaghetti tasted better with the conversation.  mmmmmm??

Why is Ben Carson’s Pro-Life Stance Confused? What About Our Own?

The inconsistencies in Ben Carson’s pro-life views have been a fairly hot topic in the alternative news.  Surely leftists (including the republican establishment)  will use this to stick a fork into his candidacy.

The truth is that virtually all pro-life people have inconsistencies in their views.  We have grown up in a culture which has a very utilitarian view towards human life, so that becoming respectful of life requires a good deal of research, thought and energy.  Becoming more consistently pro-life is a process.  Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, probably ignored reproductive medicine and developmental biology most of the time.

Medicine has been impeded by the birth control and abortion scam since the beginning of time.  Before the birth control hormones and abortion pills, herbs and various poisons were used.

False claims touting the reliability of these modalities encouraged alterations in people’s sex behaviors, to the extent that they thought they could separate sex and reproduction. Societies have been bamboozled by a myriad of false medical claims,  Many of these affected mainstream medical practice in ways that would astonish you.  Recent retractions of prior medical dogma have changed the way hypertension is treated, and which dietary modifications are needed for weight loss or cardiovascular health.  Likewise, the birth control practices have been codified and entrenched based upon claims and assumptions which are simply not true.  None of the birth control methods and drugs work as well as touted in actual use.  Many, especially morning after pills, have become an under dose as the average size of women has grown larger.  To alter the dose would bring huge research and regulatory costs to the manufacturer.  It’s cheaper to bring a me-too or a generic drug  to market.

Chemical birth control has become an abortion selling scam, and a war on women conducted for profit.  People need to face the fact that reproductive activity causes babies.

Those who see human life as the most valuable thing will move further to the pro-life side as they do research and are forced to think about the issue harder.   Politicians should not necessarily be excoriated as they think out loud about being pro-life. Many politicians who claimed to be pro-life have not lived up to their promises.  We should be looking at the candidates who have not been bought out by special interests, and whose personal honor is linked to keeping their word.  If those kinds of candidates pledge specific pro-life actions, (such as de-funding abortion sellers, and protecting pro-life health care, religious and  business practice.) maybe they are the ones to support.  With that kind of help the grass roots pro-lifers could defeat the abortion disease.

Holly O’Donnell Reveals What Compelled Her to Leave Stem Cell Express

Abby Johnson was pushed out of the abortion business by seeing an ultrasound guided abortion that hit her with the reality of killing unborn humans.

Holly O’Donnell, former baby parts procurement technician, was pushed out of the business by seeing the extraction of a brain from an aborted baby who was still alive.

This is not medicine. How far will the slaughter and sale of humans go before people wake up?

Prayers for Holly who has shown extreme courage in exposing these practices.

Jeb Bush Cowers before this Troupe From The Shallow End of the Gene Pool

Dredged up from the muck are Leftist storm troopers of exceptionally low IQ, who have been unable to discern the irony in shouting “Black lives matter!” at a Jeb Bush Town hall, while wearing shirts supporting planned parenthood, the organization which kills 90,000 black people yearly, by means of abortion.
Despite the gurls blatantly obvious lack of intellect, Jeb Bush apparently felt insecure enough to slink away from his town hall meeting in Las Vegas

Gurls in Plannned Parenthood T Shirts
Gurls in Plannned Parenthood T Shirts earn Darwin Award

Should We Do Surgery on the Republican Party or Let It Die?

You decide.

If you think it can be fixed, consider becoming a precinct committeeman and gain influence over the leadership of the party.  Think of the party as a giant Colon filled with precancerous polyps (the RINOS).  It’s time for a full length colonoscopy and polyp removal process.


This article explains the process of becoming a precinct committeeman and influencing the party at the local and national level through your votes.  It does not take much time or effort to do this.  Apparently there are a lot of committee vacancies to be filled.  Check it out if you have a couple of hours per month to spend on a Republican colonoscopy.  Get out the hose and remove the precancerous RINOS!

The hose that goes there
Remove the RINOS!

More From Holly, the former Baby Part Procurement Tech

Holly’s job made her heart sick, so she has blown the whistle on Stem Express, which paid Planned Parenthood for the opportunity to collect baby parts.  This second in a series reveals the disrespect this company had for the women who were getting abortions, as well as for the babies being killed.   Apparently some of the Stem Express employees were grabbing baby parts without obtaining consent from the moms.

Please pass this information on.   The mainstream media is burying it so effectively that most Americans have not heard that Planned Parenthood’s top business is abortion, and that it sells baby parts to collect up to 60 percent more income from each case of baby killing.

Grosser and Grosser: Planned Parenthood showcases 18 week old Twin’s parts

and explains that they can alter abortion procedures in order to obtain intact cadavers for sale. 

Please share this fifth video in the Center for Medical Progress Series.  Plenty of low information voters are still unaware of it.  Remember, there are seven more videos, and each one is expected to be sicker than the last.

Planned Parenthood really should not be funded and treated as an agency of the Federal Government by the Obama Administration.

Senate Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

Just a reminder as you call your senator regarding the vote to defund Planned Parenthood…….  this cannibalistic  practice of using the cells from aborted babies for ‘medical’ purposes is not at all new, and we have vaccine products developed by use of these cells entrenched on the market.

Perhaps we’ll have better vaccine efficacy if we stop producing them in a unethical manner.

Weigh in with your senator today and any other day by using THIS easy resource.

Expect Obama to veto this bill, but keep on trying.  America needs to fish itself out of the septic tank.