Religious Declination Form COVID-19 Jab

Supplemental Information

Updating the exemption request form to match what has been observed. There is a reason that Rochelle Walenski, the CDC director announced that the COVID jabs cannot stop transmission of the virus, (for example, the Delta variant).

Researchers are finding loads of Delta variant virus in double jabbed individuals, equal to or more than in unjabbed individuals. Public Health England reports similar results. . It would not be honest to sign a statement that asserts that unjabbed people are putting others more at risk when current data indicates that is not true. Therefore my religion forbids it. Also there are no claims by the manufacturers guaranteeing that their products reduce viral transmission.

Because it cannot be truthfully asserted that the COVID jabs prevent viral transmission, choosing to not have one might perhaps affect my own health if I were to become infected and elicit symptoms. This is occurring in those who have been jabbed also. I might have an unscheduled absence for sickness for the first time during my employment with Trihealth. Testing positive might cause Trihealth to let me stay home for a quarantine period. This also can occur equally for the majority of those who have been double jabbed. Though both groups can shed virus, I understand that Trihealth currently plans to test only those who have not been jabbed once per week. The current CDC recommendation is for everyone to mask up indoors, so no accommodations or difference in that regard are expected.

The accommodation requested is to Not be coerced into taking an experimental jab which is conceived, developed, produced or tested in a manner that involves the use of products from killed humans. (The currently available, distributed Pfizer-BioNTech product is still under EUA as of Sept 2021).

Regarding “first overt expression of pro-life-ism”: During my middle school years, my parents noted that I had gotten ‘worked up’ when I became aware of an idea that the elderly and infirm should be euthanized. They encouraged me to present this ethical issue to a group of adults with an interest in such matters, which I did. This was also during the period of the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision, and naturally I also opposed that decision.

The prenatal lab test that was refused during each of 3 pregnancies was for alpha feto-protein. From 1992 to 1997 the common result of an untoward fetal diagnosis would have been a suggestion to abort. Therefore such test results were not needed.

Allowing myself to be fired for not dispensing an abortive drug brought opportunities to assist other pharmacists and health care professionals who desired not to participate in abortion, a 3 ring media circus, and all sorts of interesting experiences with the legal system, politicians and the public. The original, 1997 website still exists with the papers I signed at the time of being fired. .

Over time I grew in my desire to discourage willful killing of humans, particularly that which was associated with health care. It seemed to me that selling and using the bodies of aborted humans would further incentivize the killing. Embryos are routinely being made and killed for research purposes.

Abortion procedures are altered for the purpose of obtaining suitable tissue to sell for research purposes, which means that something other than the safety of the woman is a competing interest.

There is valid concern that cruelty in the process of collecting fetal tissue has currently become an extreme problem, as the use of killed humans has become so entrenched that many religious clergy persons accept it. Efforts to reduce warm ischemic time of the tissues are alleged to involve live delivered premature babies whose death is caused by organ extraction. This is based upon a statement from U. Pitt. News Chancellor, David Seldin, to news media that tissue ischemia does not begin until after the organ is extracted. (Medical people would think that means blood is flowing until the organ is extracted.) Seldin’s institution, University of Pittsburgh, is working with a huge HHS grant for fetal genitourinary tissue collection.

U.S. taxpayer dollars were at work, purchasing aborted fetal tissue to create humanized mice for HIV vaccine research. Judicial Watch sued and obtained the documentation showing NIH funding for this work, which was stopped in 2017.

Much of the COVID jab related research has been done with cell lines derived from human embryonic kidney cells. I maintain an archive of relevant articles but it is much easier for people to visit this site and check out the documents related to each available product.

I have learned to rely on the work presented at, because I checked the early claims with cell line databases myself, and determined their veracity. This is the reason our kids were not able to have the chickenpox vaccine, years ago.

Determining the source of cell lines used in drug products is more than a full time job, often requiring the filing of Freedom of Information Act requests, and interminable waiting to acquire documented proof. For example: . This is why no one can expect to be able to avoid using all the products dependent upon these cell lines, but I remain committed to do my best with the information at hand. COGforlife produced the earliest document I have seen establishing the origins of the HEK cell line. Start reading on page 81.

Human Embryonic Kidney cells have been transfected and adapted in many ways to allow easy use in research and scalable production of pharmaceuticals. They long since have become standard, catalogued products. For example At least half of the U.S. population is uncomfortable with killing humans prior to birth. A clear majority want this practice to be restricted. Many more people on both sides of that issue would likely be squeamish that parts from killed humans have been commoditized and widely used for research and production of commonly used pharmaceuticals and products.

Over the years there has been some good success in moving a number of corporations to stop using Senomyx HEK 293 cell dependent flavor testing research, for example Pepsico, Kraft Cadbury, Campbells Soup, etc. I will continue in my effort to avoid Nestle products.

There are more years behind me than ahead of me, but I will finish this life trying to convince people that killing, selling or enslaving humans is bad, and that we should do our best to discourage it.