Celestial Discharge: John Pombe Magufuli

God bless Tanzanian president, John Pombe Magufuli, who has been celestially discharged from this life. He is remembered as a highly educated man, who began his career as a science and math teacher. This was followed by political and public works employment, first as a member of parliament in 1995, then in various positions as Minister of Works, Minister of Land and Human Settlement, and Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, and again as Minister of Works. He was called ‘bulldozer’ for his vigor in pushing infrastructure and cleanup projects.

Beginning his first term as President of Tanzania in 2015, President Magufuli led in the populist style, known as a strong promoter of his country’s economic development. He was also known as a cost cutter, and for applying this equally to himself by quartering his own salary. Magufuli won his second term in 2020 amid criticism that his administration had restricted opposition and their rallies.

Worldwide, the Tanzanian president became known for refusing to shut down his country, and for demonstrating positive COVID tests in a piece of fruit, and a goat, and other non-human samples, casting doubt upon their reliability. (In January, the World Health Organization finally admitted that the PCR test is not sufficient to diagnose COVID, as the technological faults and excessive false positives have become obvious. ) Perhaps President Magufuli’s skepticism arose from his educational background (Ph.D. in Chemistry). Instead of remembering his inquiring mind, as well as his efforts to build up Tanzania, the media critics are insisting (currently without proof) that his death was from COVID, rather than long standing heart problems, and suggesting that it is deserved. They’re also criticizing his interest in herbal COVID treatments containing Artemisia which are being utilized on other African continents, Asia, and among herbalists in the West.

Here on the Pharm, we remember an independent thinking leader who seemed quite sincere in helping his country to prosper. Prayers for his family and for continued growth and success of the Nation that President Magufuli has departed in God’s time.