More Important than It Appears to Be. Vanessa Gelman Senior Director of International Research Communications Sprints Away from Reporter.

Project Veritas has been filming scientists and employees from Big Pharma, covering the COVID Jab issue, and a good deal of information that the media has hidden from the public is being revealed. Last week, a whistleblower, Melissa Strickler, from Pfizer revealed emails from top management addressing the problem of fetal cell lines used in development and testing of their mRNA jab, and how they did not want this info to reach the general public. Why not? Because it might cause people not to want to use a product that depended upon killed humans for its inception and validation. That video appeared as old news to me, after trying to promulgate this info for such a long time. While I absolutely applaud this employee for her courage, and continue to act upon this info myseIf, I was starting to lose hope that it would make any difference.

The subsequent video captured by Project Veritas, of Vanessa Gelman, senior, international research communications director at Pfizer has given me a a new and different perspective. The value of this vid is that it really shows this woman to not be comfortable in defending the Very Routine, Standard, Everyday, Research, and Development Practices employed by her company and others in the production of biologicals, and other drug entities. (Sorry that WordPress doesn’t embed from GabTV. A secure link to Red Voice Media Channel is below.)

Fetal Cell Lines are altered, cultured to have various useful characteristics, and “canned” as catalog items for researchers to use for various purposes. The use of these cells has become routine and no big deal at Big Pharma. Yet Vanessa Gelman was totally unprepared to tell us that we should wake up and get with the [barbarous killing] program. She ran from the reporter with the microphone. She appears not to be confident in the practices of her employer, which she wished to remain hidden, and left us an unflattering video of herself in the process. Her running away from the people who obviously are being suppressed and NOT in power, is telling. It suggests that some interesting internal processes are at work, and that the world is not quite as upside down as it looks.

Some lighter media advice from past experience: I refused some interviews (NBC), but never felt compelled to run from a reporter. It’s not a good look, and as I age, things could become similar to the shot obtained by Project Veritas. Fellow Geezettes, avoid this camera angle! ūüėé

Celestial Discharge: John Pombe Magufuli

God bless Tanzanian president, John Pombe Magufuli, who has been celestially discharged from this life. He is remembered as a highly educated man, who began his career as a science and math teacher. This was followed by political and public works employment, first as a member of parliament in 1995, then in various positions as Minister of Works, Minister of Land and Human Settlement, and Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, and again as Minister of Works. He was called ‘bulldozer’ for his vigor in pushing infrastructure and cleanup projects.

Beginning his first term as President of Tanzania in 2015, President Magufuli led in the populist style, known as a strong promoter of his country’s economic development. He was also known as a cost cutter, and for applying this equally to himself by quartering his own salary. Magufuli won his second term in 2020 amid criticism that his administration had restricted opposition and their rallies.

Worldwide, the Tanzanian president became known for refusing to shut down his country, and for demonstrating positive COVID tests in a piece of fruit, and a goat, and other non-human samples, casting doubt upon their reliability. (In January, the World Health Organization finally admitted that the PCR test is not sufficient to diagnose COVID, as the technological faults and excessive false positives have become obvious. ) Perhaps President Magufuli’s skepticism arose from his educational background (Ph.D. in Chemistry). Instead of remembering his inquiring mind, as well as his efforts to build up Tanzania, the media critics are insisting (currently without proof) that his death was from COVID, rather than long standing heart problems, and suggesting that it is deserved. They’re also criticizing his interest in herbal COVID treatments containing Artemisia which are being utilized on other African continents, Asia, and among herbalists in the West.

Here on the Pharm, we remember an independent thinking leader who seemed quite sincere in helping his country to prosper. Prayers for his family and for continued growth and success of the Nation that President Magufuli has departed in God’s time.

Celestial Discharge: Rush Limbaugh

Some people considered Rush’s favored promo line “Talent on Loan From God” to be irreverent. Actually it was a constant reminder that he knew he was a mere mortal, and that all of his abilities were endowed by his Creator. Mark Steyn recognized all of that perfectly in telling us that Rush Limbaugh’s talent has returned to God.

There the entirety of Rush Limbaugh is, returned to God, right in our Creator’s own time, on Ash Wednesday.

People who never heard Rush Limbaugh might be misled by the competing media, who have invented many attributions never spoken by the most listened to broadcaster of all time. Rush was an equal opportunity gadfly, who would either praise or make fun of anyone, based on policy or performance, and without regard of race, creed, nationality or even sexual orientation. Any person who listened to him for more than a month or two could understand this. For this reason he attracted mega millions of listeners from all walks of life.

Lung cancer wasn’t the first of Rush’s health challenges. He had his travails with intractable back pain, which motivated him to eat up some unauthorized Vicodin, for which he was publicly castigated. From that came the famous truism, “Even on drugs, Rush is right”. He completely lost his hearing, and continued to broadcast with the aid of cochlear implants, which allowed him only limited perception of sounds. Rush had an unbreakable connection with his ever growing audience, sharing his various experiences in a heartfelt way, but, as he expressed, without bleeding all over us. We knew of Rush’s extravagant, personal generosity and powerful ability to fundraise for charities. As his competitors continued to disconnect with the people who make America work, the Limbaugh audience reached enormous size during and after the Trump years.

The nation of Ditto-heads (regular Limbaugh listeners) is larger than any media can enumerate. We are everywhere, as his caller from India affirmed to Rush on his show: “In every corner of the world, your name is a household name.” His podcasts and broadcasts were spread world wide. The last time your friendly Pharmer heard “MahaRushie” was Feb 2, after which the show was covered his great guest host crew, Todd Herman, Mark Steyn, Ken Matthews, and the newest, Brett Winterble. Rush had continued his inimitable three hour broadcast all the way up until two weeks before he passed, with us expecting that he might be back any day. Likely that was the way he wanted it, with no last day fanfare. Doing his show for us was his greatest passion.

Prayers for Katherine, the whole Limbaugh clan, the EIB family, and all who are missing Rush. May all of us uphold his optimism and love for America and his generosity.

What Else Happened on Jan 20?

The World Health Organization Announces : PCR test is not sufficient to diagnose COVID 19

This announcement of what has been obvious (to those of us who could understand PCR technology) occurred on 1-20-21. You know what else happened on that day, and who will be credited for the reported “decline” of COVID-19. Subsequently, the numbers of COVID “cases” will plunge closer to actual levels, and there will be a resurgent recognition that other respiratory ailments still exist, including the flu, the ever present tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia, COPD, etc. The old lab tests that we used to see will be ordered once again. (Orders for flu shots might also increase above the oddly low levels observed locally this year, and perhaps an oseltamivir order will actually flash up on the computer screen!)

This is where the screen shot, shown below, was obtained: WHO Information Notice for IVD Users 2020/05 . . It is placed here so you will know exactly what was seen, and the revision of the 2020/05 advice, the “13 January 2021” date of version 2, and the “20 January 21” date that these 370 words were provided for us all by the World Health Organization.

Another Full Circle Brought to You by Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

Step 1 is to understand that Black Lives Matter is a slogan, which, if taken literally, is legitimate and sensible. However there is another “Black Lives Matter”, now calling itself Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. It is reported by Influence Watch to be under the financial, organizational sponsorship of Thousand Currents, with a 2019 financial statement available here. Its various associated tentacles are funded by a collection of left wing organizations, including George Soros’ Democracy Alliance. BLM Global Network Foundation, in turn, currently has an “Act Blue” fundraising mechanism which is raising funds for unspecified purposes, that this author hasn’t the time to track. The Corporate Black Lives Matter was founded by “trained marxists”. That’s not something that righties made up. Cofounder, Patrisse Cullors said it herself, in an Interview with Jared Ball of Real News, which is still on You Tube for now. In case the link breaks, here’s her quote. ‚ÄúThe first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular are trained organizers.‚ÄĚ “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.‚ÄĚ Will a Marxist economic system help Black people to prosper? History is littered with severe failures.

Another current ideology of the BLM Corporation is as follows: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‚Äúvillages‚ÄĚ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” Note that Fathers are not a part of this, and, as we observe, that trend of eliminating fatherhood, and breaking down family structure has not been working out so well. The strong nuclear family structure is not “Western”. It’s been really huge around the world for millennia, and is taught and fostered by the world’s major religions. BLM Corporation is now being rejected by many Black Americans as falsely co-opting their issues with cops who decided to kill George Floyd after he had been detained. They note an unusual number of White millennial leftists within the movement, and, no matter what the media says, common sense tells them that something is wrong with this picture. Notably, some left leaning Black Liberation groups, such as this one in Cincinnati, are walking away from BLM.

You will NOT see the following illustration of the problem with dissolving nuclear families in the national news. In Clark County, Ohio, Isaiah Jackson is being investigated for posting a picture of himself kneeling on a toddler’s neck with the caption “BLM now mf”. He’s reported to now be in custody on a parole violation. Isaiah was said to be dating the child’s mother. The child is now removed to the care of his grandmother and biological father, and reportedly the mother will not be able to visit without supervision. Interactions on social media ensued after this picture was posted, and one of note comes from a special ed teacher in Atlanta, Brian Papin, who commented that Isaiah should have finished the job. ‚ÄúAgain! Your doing it wrong! One knee on the center of the back one one the neck and lean into it until death! You saw the video! Get it right or stop f***ing around!” Even if he is being sarcastic, it really doesn’t work when attached to the picture of Isaiah kneeling on his girlfriend’s toddler’s neck.

This social feature is brought to you by Disruption of the Nuclear Family, which is now stated as a primary value of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. Statistics bear out that temporary partners and even step parents perform much worse with kids than do their biological parents. Had mommie and daddie gotten married, made a baby and stayed together, the chances of this kind of incident occurring would have been vastly diminished.

The Viral Virus Du Jour

This newly promoted corona virus infection, supposedly emanating from China, has been compared to SARS, also caused by a corona virus.

What was the total death toll reported from SARS?

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a¬†total¬†of 8,098 people worldwide became sick with¬†SARS¬†during the 2003 outbreak. Of these, 774 died. In the United States, only eight people had laboratory evidence of¬†SARS-CoV infection.” (SARS Basic Factsheet, CDC)

Influenza can lead to more deaths in the USA alone, but the deaths are mostly due to other complications.  

“56,979 people died of “influenza and pneumonia” [in the USA alone] in 2013. That’s a scary number. And putting the word “influenza” first insinuates that flu is the primary cause of death. But…in reality,¬†only 3,697 died of the actual flu. The other 53,282 died of pneumonia.” ( Health policy )

In reality, no one is able to aggregate the total of people who have influenza or who die from it. The CDC numbers are estimates.

Lots of rumors and fears are spreading about this particular corona virus. The highest production of death syndrome is likely from the harm to the economy, the panicked evacuations of people, spread of other diseases, and unnecessary stress. In other words, the media is causing unnecessary harm and even deaths in order to sell copy or clicks on ads.

May we be blessed with the ability to keep things in perspective, avoid panic, and preserve our general good health.

Jerks Have Come Full Circle Over Abortion

There needs to be a map made of this journey so people can figure out how they got to this place.

Almost reflexively the dogma is repeated: “Abstinence is unrealistic. People are going to have sex. It’s useless to teach abstinence as a form of birth control.” Given this common assumption, perhaps it’s understandable that the “Me Too” Fems have come to think of sex as rape, unless litigated to an impossible degree. After all, one can hardly expect mutual consent to be naturally synchronized if abstinence is impossible to accomplish. Sex is considered to be like pooping, and a protracted period without it might cause a body to explode. This has churned up a tsunami of sex singular.

Maybe some people might see a glimmer of abstinence possibility if the issue is taken one day at a time, in the way that those addicted to drugs or alcohol accomplish a sober lifestyle.

Suddenly there’s been a new awakening. Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano have swung open the passageway to an (old), new world! They’re proposing a sex strike in response to Georgia’s law, restricting abortion to the short developmental period before a human develops a heartbeat.

You read that right. A sex strike! Until the law is repealed. ABSTINENCE. They’re going to abstain from sex because abortion has become restricted! For gurls younger than Bette, that would remove the “need” for abortion. The concept fairly makes the mind reel: Abstinence for Abortion! Additionally we can observe new wave feminists using SEX to get what they want, by telling the men that no more nookie is available until abortion is deregulated again.

In at least three respects, the jerks have come full circle.

  1. Feminist women are using sex to get what they want.
  2. Abstinence is indeed very possible.
  3. So abortion is not ‘necessary’.

Project Veritas Busts Facebook for Deboosting Conservative Sites

This video explains how a Facebook insider saw program language on various conservative sites which served to reduce or eliminate the ability of their content to be liked, commented on, or shared on the social medium. It also reveals a program to eliminate content contrary to the aims or goals of Facebook. Perhaps this large venue, which presents itself as a public square, needs to be thought of, and subject to laws as a publisher, rather than a communications utility.

Another Male Birth Control Attempt

The National Institutes of Health is trialing a male birth control product on 420 test subjects.¬† This topical gel, containing both nesterone and testosterone¬† is designed to be applied to the shoulders and back, so that the individuals using this product had better not work too hard or sweat in the gym if they want any semblance of dose uniformity.¬† Dose adjustments for body mass are not addressed.¬† Nesterone, a progestin, is included to block testosterone production in the testes, so that sperm is no longer produced. This is then replaced by just enough testosterone so that the user is able to comply, in the event that sex is requested of him.¬† Whether he’ll remember how it’s done is anyone’s guess. One would¬† expect the effectiveness of this product to be largely dependent upon reducing the sex drive as well as fertility.¬† It’s expected to meet the same limp market as all of the previous male birth control drugs, but might become a go-to product in extended care facilities.


The democrats are hoping to reuse the Obama formula with Beta-male O’Rourke.¬† Obama was the 25% Black man, raised by white leftists, who exhibited zero in common with American Blacks, and did them no good whatsoever.¬† “Beta” uses a fake Hispanic nic, the makeup tan-base,¬† and has¬† very similar physical characteristics,¬† mannerisms and dress as Obama. His funds come from Hollywood and other out of state leftists.¬† He’s another Ken-doll, empty suit, pushed by the media as though he’s the second coming of Christ.¬† ¬†Fortunately it doesn’t look as though Texas will fall for this fake.¬† If they did, we’d see another 169 day senator and the democrat¬† presidential¬† candidate for 2020.¬† “Oh LOOK!¬† They’re recycling!!!”