Celestial Discharge: Rush Limbaugh

Some people considered Rush’s favored promo line “Talent on Loan From God” to be irreverent. Actually it was a constant reminder that he knew he was a mere mortal, and that all of his abilities were endowed by his Creator. Mark Steyn recognized all of that perfectly in telling us that Rush Limbaugh’s talent has returned to God.

There the entirety of Rush Limbaugh is, returned to God, right in our Creator’s own time, on Ash Wednesday.

People who never heard Rush Limbaugh might be misled by the competing media, who have invented many attributions never spoken by the most listened to broadcaster of all time. Rush was an equal opportunity gadfly, who would either praise or make fun of anyone, based on policy or performance, and without regard of race, creed, nationality or even sexual orientation. Any person who listened to him for more than a month or two could understand this. For this reason he attracted mega millions of listeners from all walks of life.

Lung cancer wasn’t the first of Rush’s health challenges. He had his travails with intractable back pain, which motivated him to eat up some unauthorized Vicodin, for which he was publicly castigated. From that came the famous truism, “Even on drugs, Rush is right”. He completely lost his hearing, and continued to broadcast with the aid of cochlear implants, which allowed him only limited perception of sounds. Rush had an unbreakable connection with his ever growing audience, sharing his various experiences in a heartfelt way, but, as he expressed, without bleeding all over us. We knew of Rush’s extravagant, personal generosity and powerful ability to fundraise for charities. As his competitors continued to disconnect with the people who make America work, the Limbaugh audience reached enormous size during and after the Trump years.

The nation of Ditto-heads (regular Limbaugh listeners) is larger than any media can enumerate. We are everywhere, as his caller from India affirmed to Rush on his show: “In every corner of the world, your name is a household name.” His podcasts and broadcasts were spread world wide. The last time your friendly Pharmer heard “MahaRushie” was Feb 2, after which the show was covered his great guest host crew, Todd Herman, Mark Steyn, Ken Matthews, and the newest, Brett Winterble. Rush had continued his inimitable three hour broadcast all the way up until two weeks before he passed, with us expecting that he might be back any day. Likely that was the way he wanted it, with no last day fanfare. Doing his show for us was his greatest passion.

Prayers for Katherine, the whole Limbaugh clan, the EIB family, and all who are missing Rush. May all of us uphold his optimism and love for America and his generosity.