The Religious COVID JAB Exemption

Religion is the set of beliefs that governs one’s actions and lifestyle. Everybody has one. Therefore, if your RELIGION forbids you from accepting a medical treatment or procedure, that your employer mandates, you can submit a religious exemption request.

You don’t have to be trained in the language of organized religion to make a request. Just describe your beliefs that affect your conscientious decision to not accept COVID jabs.

Many organized religious groups are largely falling down on the job with respect to medical ethics. Fear, finances and government coercion are big drivers in causing already wavering leadership to fail in maintaining a firm moral stance supporting the dignity of human life. Therefore, even members of large organized religious groups may find themselves standing as individuals when requesting religious exemption.

Countries which formerly gave lip service to individual rights are now adopting very coercive policies while countries from the old communist bloc appear to allowing latitude with respect to the COVID jabs. For example, Vladimir Putin appears to be respecting personal autonomy in this regard.

The FDA has given authorization to the Pfizer jab, though recent data shows it to have poor efficacy against the Delta viral variant, which is expected to predominate in the US, as it has in the UK, India, Israel, etc. While US CDC director Rochelle Walensky has repeatedly acknowledged that vaccinated people are equally able to spread the virus, you might find an inaccurate statement on your religious declination form asserting that unvaccinated people are putting others at greater health risk. Since this this is not true, it should be deleted from your request, if honesty is to prevail.

One piece of advice on religious exemptions is to stick to religion and do not give medical and scientific evidence for the vaccine mandate being entirely inappropriate. (Obviously the employers do not care about medical appropriateness of the mandates, which is why many of them ignore the fact that the jabs are not shown to reduce transmission of the virus, force people with prior COVID infection to get the jab, and, in the case of health care providers, order their physicians to refuse medical exemptions.

On 8/23/21, Deters Law filed suits against 6 health care corporations in the Cincinnati area. Many more suits are being drawn up against additional health care systems. There are multiple civil complaints, as well as criminal complaints being discussed in conjunction with these filings. Separate filings related to RICO and Sherman Act were discussed. The media will be pretty quiet about this, but it really shouldn’t be ignored.

I will be linking helpful resources to assist people who wish to apply for religious exemption from the vaccine mandate. Linking a given resource does not mean that I agree with every thing that is written or said. It means that some useful information is to be found there.

If you do belong to a religious congregation with like minded clergy, getting an affirmation from them of your religious adherence will not hurt. No matter your affiliation, if your refusal to accept COVID jabs comes from your conscience, you have a First Amendment right for your beliefs to be respected, and to freely exercise them. is the first online organization which systematically addressed as an ethical problem the practice of testing, developing or manufacturing medical and other products using cell lines derived from killed humans. Many on both sides of the abortion debate take issue with turning human remains into bought and sold commodities, thus impinging on the decision to abort, and possibly rendering the abortion less safe for the mother due to procedural changes required to obtain fresh, marketable tissue. Some ostensibly pro-life religious groups have justified use of fetal cell lines because the abortion occurred long ago. Collection and sale of such tissue continues to this day, with the University of Philadelphia, for one example, serving as a market hub. Tissue from killed humans is not needed for research, because there are numerous ethical sources of human cell lines. Had religious organizations been serious about their pro-life mission, we would not have the issue of the SARS CoV-2 spike protein having been characterized, altered in its structure, and it’s corresponding mRNA developed and tested using cell lines derived from killed humans. This research forms the basis of COVID jabs available in the U.S. and much of the world. In addition, J&J and Astra Zeneca jabs are produced using cell lines derived from killed humans. has accurately sourced its claims using patent applications, primary research, and manufacturers literature to identify the cell lines being used. There exist vaccines and numerous other medical products with the liability of having utilized cell lines from killed humans in their development and production, with much expense and often limited success. Much of this material is linked at the site:

The Charlotte Lozier Institute keeps a running compendium of available vaccines worldwide and information as to whether they manufacture, develop, and/or validate the products using cell lines from killed humans. A PDF file of the full list is available At is maintaining an extensive COVID 19 information site . It’s a jumping off point for a great deal of information that is readable for the lay person with ethical and human rights concerns. has a well written article describing the grounds for filing a criminal complaint against a coercive employer or other entity coercing you to be jabbed or tested with respect to COVID. Much of the sourced info could be helpful in expressing your reasons for opposing the COVID jabs and related mandates. It can be viewed and downloaded here., the social media that permits dissenting views of all kinds, is hosting a page which supplies templates and examples of various religious exemption requests. Click here to check it out. Gab is also forming employment forums for those who refuse the COVID jab. Many people will need to change jobs before things are worked out. (There are many reasons to get on Gab. You can battle online with ideological opponents, or choose to ignore them. Gab has information which is unavailable on any other social medium, as well as a new video platform. )

Never forget that the purported excuse to force you to take the mRNA shots to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is entirely false, moot, a mirage, and/or a willful lie. The available mRNA vaccines do not claim to prevent the infection entirely and even the CDC has been forced to reiterate the obvious: the shots do not prevent the spread of the virus. There is no data that should induce the unvaccinated to feel guilt if they catch covid and pass it to someone else, because the both things happen with respect to the vaccinated, particularly with respect to the delta variants. If you choose to vaccinate, it is to protect yourself only.

One cannot expect clear, ethical thinking from people who think that premeditatedly killing humans, and using their body parts is OK. Do not rely on their guidance.

As time permits I will start linking relevant studies which show that the vaccine mandates are the opposite of what should be coming from the government, in order to support your resolve against the drum beat of propaganda and herd thinking. Some studies have not been published yet. If they are stored and disseminated, it will prevent the good ones from being falsely spiked, delayed or buried during the “peer review” process. is where medical studies can be pre published in order to protect researchers from being scooped by the powerful, and obtain criticism by other scientists, which helps them refine their work.

Maccabi Healthcare Services in Israel has conducted a large retrospective study comparing natural immunity and mRNA shot induced ‘immunity’ to COVID-19. The previously COVID infected people appear to be doing much better (13x) with respect to staving off re-infection. For this reason, it makes no sense to vaccinate those who have had documented COVID infection. See the study for yourself here.

The mRNA shots are not providing very effective protection against the Delta Variant, as is revealed by hospitalization and deaths in England. The bottom line is where to look if you’re pressed for time. Grab the entire document here. Thank you, Public Health England for your investigation of the SARS CoV-2 variants, and for sharing your information with everyone. Note that just as this data was being revealed in England, Israel, Boston, the mRNA shot mandates were rolled out in the U.S.. Rational people would have expected an opposite action.

The Pfizer shot has been given FDA approval for people over 16 years of age under the brand Comirnaty. It also has an EUA for use in kids from 12-15. This product is not yet distributed for common use. The EUA remains for the “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine” which remains as the distributed product. It is to be used under the conditions of the EUA, and exported under these conditions. Read the revised letter from the FDA that authorizes Comirnaty and emumerates EUA conditions for the remaining Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine and use of Comirnaty in kids from 12-16.

The Fact Sheet revised by Pfizer for Aug 23 is interesting because it seems to treat both Comirnaty and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine as though they are both under EUA, and states that patients are free to refuse each product. Read the Pfizer Fact Sheet Here.

If you get to feeling lonely as a person who thinks there are troubles with the COVID jab, know that there are some people in the FDA who thought that Trump and Biden were and are rushing things. Two FDA officials involved in the decision making process have stepped down.

Lawsuits have proliferated as more health care systems gut their staff by instituting a COVID jab mandate. Biden, always appearing to be leading from behind, announced that the patience of the committee (transmitting into his earpiece and programming his teleprompter) has worn thin, and they want us all to be jabbed even though it does not stop transmission of the virus.

Lately, clever little Health Care Corporations have made lists of common drugs that we must all give up because they were, at some time in the decades or centuries of use, tested by someone who used aborted fetal cell lines, or perhaps body parts. Here’s an example of such a corporation in Arkansas.

Unvarnished response from yours truly:

What’s the main point of a religious refusal based on avoiding the use of products designed, tested, validated or produced using cells or parts of aborted humans?   It is to use the marketplace to discourage further R&D and manufacturing ‘cannibalism’ of killed humans.  This might in turn reduce the motivation for the killing.  Trying to discourage these practices without the boycott teeth in the marketplace hasn’t been very effective, and this is why the use of the cells or parts of killed humans has proliferated and become rather mainstream.  The effort to avoid these products is an attempt to discourage the killing plus cannibalism. 

It is important to know the nature of this list of common drugs that are said to be tested or produced with aborted fetal cell technology.  Many of them were discovered and marketed long before the fetal cell lines were in use.   Therefore it is generally  OK to use those compounds.  If, however a specific product containing those compounds is somehow validated using fetal cell testing, it really needs to be labeled as such, so that we can know to avoid it.    We have the non-GMO labeling, and the “no animal testing” labeling, and the gluten free labeling.  It’s time to demand the “no aborted human cells, tissues, organs ” labeling on our products.   The government (often the civil judicial branch) makes manufacturers  put ridiculous safety labels on products.  It’s time for corporations to be transparent and own up to their unnecessary use of aborted fetal cell, or body part technology.  
A favorite argument of abortion supporters is that if you have not reached perfection in opposing abortion, then you have no right to oppose it at all.  Likewise if you can’t know and avoid all products which involve the use of cells and parts from killed humans, you have no right to avoid any of them.  The modern Muslims have a great workaround for these kinds of things.  It, as an example, spares them from  culpability for those heparin pork injections  which  are often administered in hospitals.   If they are defiled with pork without their knowledge or consent,  IT DOESN’T “COUNT”!!  This actually is the case with other religions too.   Various sinful things  that are forced upon you don’t “count” as your sins.   You bear little to no moral responsibility for things which are not your own choice.  (By the way there are some savvy, observant Muslims and Jews who list pork as an allergy.)  Moral responsibility for social degradations in general will go to those who did not exercise their own, available power to prevent them. We simply need to do our best. 

Here’s an effective address of the aborted fetal cell testing issue, which refocuses on the problem of killing, rather than the products themselves. Ignoring and not addressing the use of parts and cells from killed humans only leads to more killing, sale or enslavement of humans. Without the respect for life, all other human rights are a moot issue. We have seen the carnage and slavery time and time again demonstrated by tyrannical dictatorships throughout history.

Here’s the list of common drugs that have been at one time or other tested using a common line of aborted fetal cells, provided by a person I have named “Hair Splitter”, who alternately seems to want us to look at the big picture / ignore the big picture. I’ll look at the list to see which of the testing has relevance to common use. (It most likely applies to new drugs and biologicals). One premise employed by this person (which we know is Not true) is that the COVID jabs have, are, and will continue to prevent transmission of the virus. There’s a subsequent argument by this person that ivermectin has been tested on aborted human cell line, suggesting that it should then be excluded from use. Keeping in mind WHY we avoid certain pharmaceutical products, as a $$ boycott $$ to discourage killing and cannibalistic sorts of practices, “Hair Splitter” has perhaps accidentally supplied an argument for employing VETERINARY forms of ivermectin. (People would have to do their math right.)

It turns out that if you don’t believe in, and don’t want to abort your own baby, then every pregnant woman has opportunity for a very direct religious exemption.

From what this little NEJM study shows, the mRNA vaccines could be more effective than mifepristone /misoprostol in aborting a baby prior to 20 weeks gestation.
Pay attention to the footnote that says 700 of the 827 total study subjects had their first shot during the THIRD TRIMESTER.
That leaves 127 women getting their shot in the first 2 trimesters. 104/127 is about 82% abortion rate prior to 20 weeks.
96 of the 104 losses were prior to 13 weeks. That’s 76% abortion rate, which still is pretty effective chemical abortion.
Maybe this is why some, (but unfortunately not all) health care corporations are deciding not to force the pregnant employees to get the COVID jabs.
Shimabukuro et al. NEJM 4-21-1921. Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

Mid Autumn of 2021 (11/15) has even Fauci admitting that those who have been Jabbed are in mortal danger of catching COVID. Bill Gates admits that the COVID Jabs do not work and we find that the very bioactive spike protein is a physiological disaster in a multitude of ways.

A new, in-vitro study (unfortunately employing cell lines from killed humans) has determined that the spike protein can enter the nucleus of the cells and impede DNA repair and as well as impair V(D)J recombination.

The V(D)J mechanism is what allows for the production of a ‘zillion’ different types of antigen binding sites on antibodies as well as on T Cells. V(D)J stands for variable diversity joining, and it needs to be a very high fidelity system of recombination that allows for a relatively small amount of genetic real estate to encode endless numbers of antigen binding sites. Very briefly, if this V(D)J mechanism is caused to malfunction, expect immune impairment and such things as reduced protection from infection and cancer. Apparently, full length spike proteins have been found in the nuclei of experimental cell cultures doing just that. So the recent screeching about spike proteins and immune destruction and cancer has in-vitro basis. We will see if this is borne out in the millions of COVID jab experimental subjects, as well as those infected by the virus.

The pro-life formulary of permissible drugs excludes a large number of biological products. Many but not all monoclonal antibody products used to treat COVID have a problem with use of aborted fetal cell lines. Click for a list of some products of special interest, supplied at COGforLife. More are coming out all the time. Look at this page for a list of the major cell lines used in R & D and production.

The states of COVID tyranny remain in constant flux as of February 2022. OSHA dropped its COVID jab mandate rules for all businesses at the behest of the Supreme Court. Unfortunately that same court allowed the mandated jabs for health care workers, with the excuse that the government can control them if they take medicare and medicaid money, as well as all those federal COVID grants. At this time, federal workers enjoy an injunction against the vax mandates. Some businesses have rescinded their jab requirements, while others, such as Hersheys, have retained the mandates. There’s a patchwork of requirement to be jabbed with a substance which has little to no utility against the latest variants of SARS-CoV2. Omicron, a highly contagious but much less lethal variant is said to be the dominant one in the U.S. currently.

Many European countries have rescinded their jab mandates, with they most tyrannical Austria set to drop mandates by March. Canada is currently declaring war on its peacefully protesting truckdrivers, who are finishing their third week of demonstrating (against jab mandates and other usurpations of personal freedom) in Ottawa, and various border locations. Trudeau’s decision to freeze bank accounts seems to have ignited a run on the banks, and many of them had to shut down their websites. Truck drivers in many parts of the world have responded with demonstrations of their own. Two of the heads of Canada’s truckdriver protest were arrested and detained last night. If you want to learn about Canada’s war on its people, you will have to look for it on GabTV, Rumble, Bitchute, which allow you to observe the most orderly, peaceful protest ever to occur over a 3 week period. Trudeau seems to think he can replace the transportation services that he is killing, or else his masters have his back up against the wall, and he is willing to kill his whole country. Today, the protest group in Ottawa is being attacked by the government, and treated much differently than Trudeau said that the Farmer protestors in India, and a much wilder Antifa and BLM in the USA should be treated.