Arne Duncan, new Secretary of Education has Trouble at home

Obama called CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Arne Duncan, up from his hometown, so it’s a given that there would be some kind of investigation associated with the new U.S. Secretary of Education.

Seems that CBS is looking into the corporal punishment practices at Chicago Public Schools. It appears to be sporadic, capricious, and not well regulated.

As you can see, I’m not entirely opposed to the “board of education” but there’s at least some video evidence to accompany stories that corporal punishment has sometimes been inappropriate at the CPS.

Though the style of reporting and presentation from CBS, induces some skepticism there is probably merit to some of these stories. Trevion Martin one of the students complaining of excessive use of force from a teacher is quite the drama queen. That investigators find his story to be unsubstantiated is left to the very end of the article.

On the other hand, some of the paddling of athletes has been caught on security cameras, at the Simeon Career Academy. It is said to be a tradition there.

Murtha Lobbyists investigated by FBI

The FBI has raided the offices of PMA, a lobbying firm with close ties to Democrat congressman of Pennsylvania, who is head of the defense appropriations subcommittee. He’s exchanged millions of dollars of favors to the clients of this firm ( in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds.

It doesn’t look pretty for the corpulent congressman of35 years
. But since he’s a Democrat, he’s gonna get away with it.

If You Drank the Obama Koolaid …….

you get to wear a re-run of the Carter years as your own responsibility.

The media falsely blamed Bush and McCain for “deregulation” of financial institutions. To the contrary, Bush passed some sweeping regulatory legislation in order to address the Enron debacle, but the deregulation of bank loans is not his responsibility. He did, since 2001, warn that the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac policies were going to blow those mortgage lenders up in our face, to no avail. Read up: I’ve said it before, but Noel Sheppard says it better.

We had Barney Frank at the helm .

Celebrate the new 93 percent PORK bill and suck it up. I know, of course that most of Obamanator’s supporters don’t pay taxes, but the ones who do are gonna be crying, as well as the people who expected Obama to buy their gas and pay off their house.

Nurse Sonya Wernli exposes Dignitas as suicide for profit Machine

Soraya Wernli took a job with Dignitas, the back alley Euthanasia provider in Switzerland, originally in order to provide final care and comfort to those who chose suicide.

Still not opposed to assisted suicide, Nurse Wernli has become a fierce opponent of the Dignitas organization, due to her findings while on the job for two and a half years, ending in 2005. Among her first disappointments was finding that the owner, Ludwig Minelli, was routinely having the clients sign over their belongings to his organization, and was selling the items in pawn shops.

Minelli was also providing for double suicides, allowing for couples to kill themselves together. This practice is considered unethical by most of those who condone physician assisted suicide, and was one of the reasons for Wernli to spend her last 8 months of employment as a police informant. (The old practice of suttee comes to mind.) The final straw for this nurse, however, was a botched suicide leading to a 70 hour death process which left the victim thrashing and foaming at the mouth. The victim’s family and Dignitas’ owner wrangled, during this event and in the aftermath. It is apparent to many that an illegal, lethal injection on the premises was the final cause of death, though Minelli denies this.

A lengthy article in the Daily Mail
details some of Wernli’s experiences. Four years after leaving Dignitas, and filing a number of lawsuits, she still waits for the slow wheels of Swiss “justice” to turn against Minelli, and close down his operations.

Ms. Wernli has begun writing a book entitled The Business with the Deadly Cocktails, billed as an expose of what she considers to be a “necessary” organization gone bad.

In actuality, there’s no possibility for any of these killing organizations to be anything but bad. The results which Wernki has witnessed are to be expected, every time.

Keeping Track of Obama Cabinet Tax Cheats

Here’s another one. The husband of Labor secretary nominee Hilda Solis, Sam Sayyad, very quickly paid up a tax liens totalling about 6400 against his business. I guess this gesture was to celebrate his wife’s nomination. Apparently the couple was unaware of any tax liens against Sayyad’s business, but were inspired by the Deity to visit the Los Angeles tax office to make things right just after Hilda was informed that she would be nominated. (Apparently USA Today served as messnger of the Deity.) Records at the county recorders office show liens totaling $7,630.57, not including interest, so I guess that there’s a bit more to pay. And as with Daschle, this is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Again, I certainly do not have trouble with people attempting to snooker the IRS, because this agency is rapacious. It’s good clean fun, and the sport of most business owners. However, the liberal party which is expecting us to pay ever increasing taxes and accept further government encroachment into our private lives needs to live up to the demands which it places on us.

Anthony Horvath has had a personal test of his prolife convictions, when offered the option of aborting his daughter at 20 weeks after a diagnosis of spina bifida.

Horvath , a Christian apologist, advocates an increasingly popular mantra that hearts can be changed one at a time, with respect to this issue of killing unborn humans.

What he others need to remember is that after FOCA is passed, and after socialized medicine is put in place, the medical landscape will be forever altered. FOCA will force the participation of medical professionals and institutions in the practice of abortion. Those who refuse to kill humans will need to leave health care. This will leave everyone to deal with pro-abortion health care providers. In addition, the cost containment which occurs in all other countries with socialized medicine will also occur here in the U.S.

This means that people who are faced with an untoward prenatal diagnosis (usually means unborn baby with birth defects) will also be faced with the information that the government health care system cannot afford to cover treatment for the child.

That’s very strong abortion coercion, people. Citzens of Canada, and the UK can tell you about this business, but you’d have to pry it out of most of them. You can hear more about it if you understand any Asian languages.

George Obama busted for drugs in Nairobi

Yep, Brother George Obama, that guy who was said to live on a dollar a month in a Nairobi slum area, has been busted on drug charges. Apparently he was in possession (but not selling) the evil weed, marijuana. CNN interviewed him from the Haruma prison, and you can read about it HERE.

Obama’s only making a president’s salary now, rather than his former four million a year windfall, so he might not be able to lend assistance to brother George.