Pigford Promises

Obama had brought up the issue of the Pigford case during his campaign, and promised to support Black farmers who had been denied bank loans. Hundreds of millions in payouts had been already allocated to 16000 farmers who had claims of loan discrimination in the original Pigford case. Obama had supported bringing another round of discrimination claims (those who failed to file during the original opportunity).

Farmers are angered at indications that this campaign promise is no longer being supported by the Obama administration.

There will, of course be more of this, because Obama has promised his constituency much more gravy than we tax payers could ever afford.

Cybersecurity Act of 2009

The people at Electronic Frontier Foundation are warning us about the Cybersecurity Act of 2009.

This one just about as bad as government running healthcare. Probably more internet savvy individuals would consider both ideas equally bad.

This 2009 act would place the internet security infrastructure under control of the government. This of course would give government the final control over any secure data, such as your health and your financial data.

Here’s a particularly scary portion of the bill:

The Secretary of Commerce— shall have access to all relevant data concerning (critical infrastructure) networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access…

This pretty much gives the government the back door into all your data without the requirement of a court order, or any other emergency reason for accessing it.

It also presupposes (without good evidence) that the government could create or maintain more secure systems than private industry.

everyone is talking about Susan Boyle

Yep… that small-town Scottish woman is one great singer. And she’s got attitude.

You don’t need a link to her Youtube video.. it’s EVERYWHERE.

Already there are some claws being displayed by people who have played the game for many years, but don’t have the natural gift that Boyle has.

I think she might be able to handle show biz just fine.

Hear her only recorded song, from 1999, on a CD cut for charity.

An appendage of GE needs to be amputated

The CEO of GE Jeffrey Immelt, and President of NBC, Jeff Zucker appear worried that their network might be seen as bashing Obama too much.

Yes, GE has many defense and government contracts to protect, and we know that Obamadems will try to tie these to corporate support for their U.S.-destroying policies.

Possibly the government business with GE outweighs the remainder of their business.
There could be a boycott to test this. Maybe the folks at GE could grow a brain and sell off the embarrassment that is NBC. (Wonder who would buy it….)

The least painful thing would be for the gangrenous NBC, as well as other mainstream media to continue towards their necrotic end. I feel a bit sad for the few employees at cNBC who have begun their connection to reality. They remain a tiny minority, and should use their current notoriety to job hunt now. Get a REAL JOB, bringing real news and info to the people.

Much Nicer than POTUS reading TOTUS

It was MUCH nicer hearing my neighbors speaking their beliefs articulately,
than hearing that guy reading his TELEPROMPTER.

About 300 attendees from areas surrounding Lawrenceburg Indiana gathered next to the courthouse for TEA.
People are naturally eloquent when speaking from the heart, and the speeches of my neighbors were impressive.

Very few of our leaders can speak honestly anymore.

Let’s fix this problem with our votes and with the way we manage our finances.


The Tea Party closest to me is being held in S. E. Indiana in Lawrenceburg.

Here’s the scoop:
Tea Party at 6:00 PM EDT on High Street in front of the Courthouse
Lawrenceburg, INDIANA 47025
A sound system is provided for speakers who want to respectfully and cogently address the crowd on tax issues.
“We are not a REP/DEM event, and we do plan on scheduling a future meeting, indoors with seating, to carry this forward with the intention of taking back our country, and getting back to our Constitution. This is inspired by the Glen Beck 912 Project. ” <--- contact krhodes@comcast.net Find your own tea party HERE.

Happy Easter, and yes Gingrich is Catholic now

Happy Easter !

And the news of two weeks ago
……..is that Newt Gingrich “snuck” into the Church at a private ceremony (at St Joseph’s on Capitol Hill) on March 30, rather than coming in with the crowds at the Easter Vigil Mass.

Some people think that the religious conversion is a strategy for a run for president. That is stupid. Being Catholic won’t help him a bit for political purposes. Might help him in some other way…..

But ol Newt did have some stuff to say about Notre Dame hosting Obamanator for commencement. Gingrich thinks that prolifers ought to have their own little tea parties at the same time as Notre Dame commencement, to discuss the Obama policies and what to do about them.

Newt got religion. It’ll be interesting to see his output in the coming years.

*Prior coverage here

Another Obama half brother BUSTED

Sampson Obama….. ANOTHER half brother of Barack Obama has been refused a visa in the UK. Seems that brother Sampson took a side trip to the UK to visit relatives, on his way to the Obama swearing in ceremony. He was denied a passport due to a prior incident in which he was accused of a sexual assault involving a teenager.

Though this news story has a bad date on it (obviously wrong year), it is useful for understanding some more of the complex family relationships of Obama, resulting from his wandering paternal unit.

It’s also of some use to pull out next time a leftie expresses dismay that the Palins refuse to abort their unplanned or their disabled kids.

Obama – Carter on Steroids: estradiol and norethindrone.

The Somalian Pirates, aka-merchant marine organizers, who have been praised for their business acumen by our liberals, have gotten a taste of blood. They took one ship, the crew fought back, but the pirates are still holding the Captain of that ship in a life boat for ransom.

Obama has no idea what to do with a few pirates and a hostage. Obama is Carter on steroids: female hormones, estradiol and norethindrone. You know what those hormones do to a guy. Correct. Nothing remains of the maleness.

The Somalian Merchant Marine Organizers have taken another US owned vessel, a tugboat and 16 crew.

Happy Easter weekend, from Obama.