Celebrity Democrat, Obama Supporter Accused of Using Racial Slur in the Past

CLICK Paula Deen Image for expanded view

CLICK Paula Deen Image for expanded view

If you click to see the expanded view of this image, you’ll see that not only is Paula Deen a celebrity Democrat, she was an Obama supporter in 2008. She’s in a bit of a spot now, having been fired from her cooking show for using a racial slur in the past and for some other workplace issues. Her employer has not renewed her cooking show contract, which expires this month.

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  1. eastsidehunky

    Note how the left and the Dems gave a pass to Sheets Byrd of WV, at his funeral Bubba slobbered and apologized for him without mentioning specifics: Byrd was an Imperial Wizard of the KKK…the left is nothing but hypocrites and lying scum from the lowest level of Dante's Inferno