If BetterYale.org Gets their Way, Sex Week is Flushed

Undergraduates for a Better Yale College, who have been working to have the notorious biannual sex week eliminated, have finally succeeded in their operation, though as of today, their web site has not been updated to reflect this.  Commentary from the group is available at the Yale News.  Generally they call for respect and modesty, which some fellow students distinguish from prudishness.

The University president has “cautiously” announced agreement with a “Marshall Committee” calling for   elimination of this orgiastic week of festivities, which had inspired title IX  complaints that the event generated a sexually hostile environment. The event has been replete with presentations by porn film stars, harassment and sexual assaults.

Organizers of the events are offering to design a revised program, in order to hang on to vestiges of Sex Week.

One wonders what will be the final result, a mere removal of the Yale name from sex week, or a removal of sex week from campus.


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