It’s Not A Hurricane: Irene Winds At North Carolina Weather Station.


NOAA’s Phony “Hurricane” Coming On Shore With 33 MPH Winds | Real Science.

The Real Science Blog provided screen shots of North Carolina coastal  wind station results from Wunderground, showing no winds higher than 33 miles per hour.

Steven Goddard says this is barely a tropical storm.  Take a look for yourself-  wind stations ranging from 8.7 to 33 mph. This guy is pretty reasonable but Pharmer decided to add some data to corroborate.   Here’s the AP report:

“MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (AP) — Hurricane Irene opened its assault on the Eastern Seaboard on Saturday by lashing the North Carolina coast with wind as strong as 115 mph and pounding shoreline homes with waves. Farther north, authorities readied a massive shutdown of trains and airports, with 2 million people ordered out of the way. “

At Wunderground they’re not using hallucinogens….  Here’s the Nag’s head forecast for the day:


wunderground forecast nags head hurricane 8-27-11

The Nags head station was down, so Pharmer looked for a close one which is operating.  Mind you, the storm is said to be 500 miles wide, and was  said to hit the coast at 7:30 am.  What’s close by……


Coast of North Carolina

How about Kill Devil Hills!  That’s close, and yes the weather station is  up and running (implies no power outage).


Wind at Kill Devil Hills, NC at 2:55 pm

Wind at Kill Devil Hills, NC at 2:55 pm 8-27-11

Wind at Kill Devil Hills, NC at 3:00 pm

Wind at Kill Devil Hills, NC at 3:00 pm

The final GEM from Kill Devil Hills NC, is the Wunderground weather station GRAPH of wind activity for the day:

Hurricane Irene kill devil hills wind activity GRAPH 8-27-11

Hurricane Irene kill devil hills wind activity GRAPH 8-27-11

Wind was observed to range from 6mph to 22mph at mid afternoon.     Ike was no longer a real hurricane when it reached  Indiana, but it was an all day event, producing  higher sustained winds than shown at the Kill Devil Hills weather station in NC.

We’re going with the Real Science assessment that reports of the IRENE TROPICAL STORM have been greatly overblown, and much more panic has been induced than was warranted.

By the way,  Steven Goddard is stepping up to his own domain… (just like the Pharmer).  His blog is migrating to He might to need to buy hefty  bandwidth with Drudge pointing to him from time to time.  The real site crasher is Rush Limbaugh, who tends to  bring the visitors all at once.

One wonders at the economic cost of dire and overblown weather conditions.   It appears that people are losing faith in NOAA. This might be related to the climate change hoax, which had been  espoused by top officials.



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