Is your Masters Thesis Cited by the IPCC??

It’s one embarrassment after another for the UN and IPCC, as their latest report, published in 2007 is further exposed to public scrutiny.

Now we find out, not only that the ‘glacial shrinking’ data is erroneous, but that it was based upon a 1999 interview with a single glaciologist, in Climbing magazine as mentioned previously here, as well as…………a student’s ‘dissertation’ for the equivalent of a master’s degree in Geology.

The claim from the UK Sunday Telegraph is that neither source had undergone the kind of peer review sufficient for publication in scientific research journals.

Pharmer (having done research which is published in peer reviewed journals), notes that it’s possible for the above mentioned collections of glacial melting anecdotes to have been reformatted, re-analysed and published in other forms with completely different conclusions. The IPCC might never have noticed, since its main political function appears to have been advocacy of global cooling.