Jill Stanek Blasts Blagojevich

Driving home from work on the morning of Dec 9, 08,  Pharmer smiled big at the news of Blagojevich’s arrest, for selling the senate seat of Obama.   It was a reflexive response to the  comeuppance of this  governor who had issued an edict to force the pro-life pharmacists of his state to violate their consciences, or leave practice.

The prolife attorneys  defending  the vocations  of above mentioned pharmacists were not shocked at Blagojevich’s turn of fortune.    Recalling  one comment:   Now he’ll have more time to take our depositions.  Maybe he’ll even be happy to see us.

Jill Stanek remembers  Blago’s crimes against sanctity of life,  as picking on people smaller than himself.    Read up! ^