Leftist Sociology Professor Retracts his Life in Research

Diederik A Stapel has lost his position at Tilburg University after his body of published research has come under question for fraud. Stapel had become a commonly  cited reference for the leftist media, in giving their views on human behavior and motivations.  The New York Times is having to face the fact that one of their oft referenced social “scientists” has retracted nearly all of his working life.

 Retraction Watch, a very important blog used by  researchers to keep tabs on fraud, dishonesty and retractions in their fields, has been keeping a tally on the disintegration of Stapel’s sociological house of cards.  He’s flying high in the Frequent Retraction category with over 50 articles  retracted by  such resources as the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Stapel is noted for contributing so much to the body of beliefs that leftists hold about human behavior, which are simply not true…. such as the fictitious associations of 1) meat eating and selfishness,  and 2) filthy environments with aversion to people of other races, and 3) capitalism with gluttonous over-consumption.