Nuclear Zone- Japan.

Elderly hospital patients left to die in Japan’s nuclear zone as more than 400,000 fight to survive in tsunami humanitarian crisis | Mail Online.

Nuclear Panic has  caused extra deaths.   Nursing home staff ran off, leaving 128 elderly to die.

The Mail from the UK brings you the pictures.   Check out their story, above, which underscores the problems of the elderly, who are holed up in shelters in cold conditions, without their prescription meds.

More chill pills to treat Nuclear Panic are below.

From the International Atomic Energy Agency, here’s the latest on actions at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. Daichi reactor 4′  fuel  had been unloaded.

From the Nuclear  Energy Institute:

“Site radiation doses have been decreasing since March 16. Radiation dose rates are fluctuating based on some of the relief operations, such as adding cooling water to the used fuel pools. Recent readings at the plant boundary are about 2 millirem per hour. Radiation dose rates at reactor 3 range between 2,500 and 5,000 millirem per hour.”

Learn about background radiation, and what have been considered acceptable occupational levels of radiation  (varies with occupation). This info comes fom the MIT News, but it’s not news.

Federal occupational standards  allowed 5000 millirems per year for those working with radioactive sources.   That which is allowed for astronauts is much higher : 25000 milliremgs (cosmic radiation)  per space shuttle mission.

Click here (radiation protection at the EPA ) for Radiation Doses in Perspective.

Bis Sis,  who caused radiation exposure with her full body scanners, is now needlessly checking for radiation from Japan.

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