Media Bails on Obama: Libya-Gate

Unlike the days of Nixon, the media has assisted Obama in his cover-up of the actual occurrences and portrayed a false view of both the occurrences in Benghazi during the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was killed along with three other Americans.

CBS has decided to do a 180 and bust both itself and Obama for the negligence and the coverup, which resulted in unraveling of the U.S. stature in the Middle East, as well as the unnecessary loss of life which extends far beyond the four people killed at the Embassy.

Libya-Gate is far too gentle a name for the egregious failure and negligence and dishonesty which characterizes the handling of the Benghazi incident.     The cover-up of the Watergate burglary is Nothing compared to this.

CBS has let loose an unaired 60 minutes clip which establishes that Obama lied about the nature of the attack on the Libyan Embassy.

The White House had intelligence on the attack two hours after it started.   The attack proceeded without response from the U.S. for many hours, at the end of which, the final two victims lost their lives. It is established that the attack was pre-planned and organized by Al Quaida

If you will recall,we were told  repeatedly by the Obama administration and its media allies that the attacks sprang out of natural protests of a video that almost Nobody  knew about before the U.S. government advertised it.

What is essentially has been coming out of this incident is that the Obama Administration has been assisting the wrong Midde East factions,Al-Quaeda is alive and well, Obama failed to answer the “3am call” -choosing to campaign and raise funds  instead, Obama and the media covered it up, and an American has been illegally persecuted  for producing a video that had nothing to do with this.

CBS chose not to air this clip from Sixty Minutes for an entire month.

Al Quada’s American Outreach Experts Killed by Drone

Two U.S.-Born Terrorists Killed In CIA-Led Drone Strike | Fox News.

Samir Khan, of North Carolina and Anwar al Awlaki of New Mexico were killed by the drone method in their newer home of Yemen.   Both of these two served as  Al-Quaeda outreach to U.S. citizens.

Khan co-edited “Inspire” magazine, which translated Al Quaeda ideology  to English.  Al-Awlaki was the radical Islam preacher of cyberspace who is blamed for mentoring Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood killer.

The justice department might struggle with the concept of executing U.S. citizens without a trial, while insisting that terrorist prisoners, and prisoners of war   from other countries should have been granted trials in New York as U.S. citizens.   We might ask Eric Holder to present an argument on that matter in between his efforts to cover up his Fast and Furious troubles – using tax dollars to buy guns for the Mexican drug cartel.  

After assassinating multiple Muslims, how is Obama going to raise campaign cash in the Middle East like last time?