Rather than Helping to Mitigate Severe Drug Shortages, FDA Considers Placing Plan B Out On Shelves With the Condoms

FDA considers putting Plan B morning-after pill on drugstore shelves – The Washington Post.

The Washington post is linked up as an example of misinformation concerning the Plan B One-step morning after pill.

Plan B One Step is not 89 percent effective. No drug used as a morning after pill has that kind of efficacy, Ella (an analog of mifepristone, RU-486) is not 89 percent effective.
In general, the per use efficacy of these drugs is around 60 percent, which puts them in the same range as the WITHDRAWAL method.
The cumulative use efficacy of these drugs is abysmal, and they are not worthy of being considered as birth control drugs. Placing any of them over the counter is for the purpose of marketing more chemical and surgical abortions, by means of  birth control failures.   Planned Parenthood is in need of policies to bolster its sales of abortion.
The Obama administration is only too happy to facilitate.

The fact that over the counter morning after pills will cause a false sense of security in date rapists is not considered a significant problem to our progressive social engineers.

To learn more about Plan B from a pharmacist who is not selling the drug, go to page two of this website.   See  the links below for more drug info, as well as its multiple mechanisms of action.  Yes, the manufacturer has to admit  that it “may inhibit implantation” of the early embryo, “by altering the endometrium”.


Prescriber information for Plan B One-Step

Emergency Contraception does not reduce abortion rates.

Failed Social Experiment

Spanish study: trends in use of contraception and voluntary abortion 1997-2007

Selling the Pill

Cochrane review: Morning After Pills

Advance provision of emergency contraception for pregnancy prevention ——– DOES NOT REDUCE PREGNANCY RATES in the populations studied.

However the reviewers  conclude that it should be available anyway.   (Child molesters need to have access to them).

The review claims….. studies compare  populations with prescription availability to populations with over the counter availability.

The review authors do not know how the morning after pills work, and therefore misbrand them as emergency contraceptives, as does the increasingly  useless US  FDA.

The Center for Reproductive Rights,  ever attentive to the needs of pedophiles, is encouraging the FDA to extend over the counter availability to minor girls,  though there is no data on effects in this population, and particularly the long term safety.   Trot over to Jill Stanek’s blog for that video and the rest of the story.