Celestial Discharge: Republican Party Has Announced its Own Demise

The Republican Party  has performed an autopsy on its own dead carcass, and has issued a 100 page report.

This report addresses the reasons for their federal losses in 2012.  The name “autopsy” for their report is completely apt, because the Republican party has assumed room temperature. 

The Republican brand is irreparably damaged by the media, which has kept the elites of that party so  paralyzed with fear, that it morphed into a faint shadow of the Democrat party.   The name “republican” will not occupy a respectful compartment in the memory of any American.  This is a sad thing.  The media could not have destroyed the name so completely, without the help of the republican establishment.

The Tea Party needs to  get busy, because we’re what remains of the conservatives of the United States.   It should not repeat the mistakes of abandoning members for saying a single wrong word, or allowing the media to compartmentalize them, define them or interrupt their message of conservatism and optimism for America.  The Tea Party needs to speak over the media, bypass them, and address all Americans.

Let us recycle the Republican carcass as fertilizer, be the TEA Party, and  work to restore the United States.

Tea Party as Safe Haven for Gays.

David Lampo, VP of the Log Cabin Republicans, makes an appeal for the Tea Party to address and support gay legal “equality”. He seems to have overlooked that legal equality between males and females has never existed, mainly because the sexes are not the same. (Note the current hot issue of sex selection abortions.) The most optimum social condition would be that the sexes are regarded and respected as equally valued humans.

Take a look at Lampo’s appeal, (which is not exactly libertarian) here:

Lampo: Is the Tea Party Nation Anti-Gay? | TheBlaze.com.

Pharmer understands the more immediately practical reasons why gay people join Tea Party side, under current social conditions.

There are numerous gay people who understand that it’s safer and more sensible to side with conservatives for both social and economic reasons.

Many conservatives disagree with the kind of sex that gay people prefer, but are infinitely less likely to cull gays from the human herd through health care rationing and abortion, (should a propensity towards gayness ever become prenatally diagnosable).
Conservatives will respect the rights of gays to remain alive, because they are human.

The lefties, often due to reflexive hatred of Christianity, have made friends with extreme groups who have shown a propensity for stoning or chopping the heads off of gay people.

Which is worse, having a finger wagged at you, or being killed? Yes, no matter your sex preference, it is safer to hang around people who think that willfully killing humans is wrong.