Obama’s Election Night Gathering

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At Hillbuzz, Obama’s chosen venue is described as being much smaller and more private than the big,  2008  election night rally held in Grant Park, Chicago.  Kevin DuJan says that the place is not good for pedestrian traffic or lines of buses.  The meeting places in McCormick Place, are entirely indoors, and will not fit the throngs of people who would be attracted to a winning candidate’s victory party.  This event  is definitely downsized.  This convention center is  a good place to make a concession speech, and then  take a very short drive back to the Obama-Rezko mansion afterwards.

Obama expects to lose.

Obama’s Arranged Marriage

Jesse Jackson, Wright ‘arranged’ Obama marriage.

World Net Daily continues on in its Obama saga, the first article of which corroborated the Newsweek cover of our first gay president.

The above linked article features interviews with three former members of the Trinity United Church of Christ who detail the political job appointments of Michelle Obama, and her auspicious arranged marraige with Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama once claimed that he met Michelle in class at law school but they appear to have actually been introduced in Chicago in 1989 during Obama’s summer law internship. WND interviewees in Chicago are credited with the info that Jesse Jackson selected Michelle as a match for Obama, and Jeremiah Wright agreed to the combination. The interviewees also maintain that Obama kept up his gay relationships after the marriage took place, with one, dubbed Hazel, telling her eyewitness story in Chicago since 1996.

Hillbuzz: Is Barack Obama Gay??

Out of the Closet: Obama is the first gay president

Drudge Keeps Bringing Up Obama’s Weight Loss


Out of the Closet: Obama is the first gay president

Andrew Sullivan, blogger at Newsweek Magazine said it. ABC, Daily Mail and Drudge Report gave a preview of the cover of the May 21 issue.

Kevin DuJan, Editor of Hillbuzz tells us that Obama has been on the GAYDAR for a very long time.

From the Administration, Van Jones has been preparing us for the news.

The lamestream media likely will be telling us that Obama gets this credit from Newsweek magazine for his endorsement of gay marriage, and that it’s somewhat similar to Bill Clinton being called the first Black president.

Pharmer is betting that Kevin has been correct all along.

Gingrich Wives by Flow Chart

Pharmer would post them here, but Kevin DuJan’s  Blog,  is worth a visit for its uniqueness and spicy flavor.

The creator of HillBuzz  is Hillary Supporter turned  fairly conservative, who has a snippy, gossipy style of delivering a well deserved trashing of the media and the Obama administration.   Pharmer has  points of agreement with Kevin, and plenty of differences.  For example, we agree on not-Romney, but he prefers Gingrich.   His blog style is entertaining, and dishes up some information and viewpoints which are not readily available elsewhere,  so the visits there are pretty frequent.

The media misinformation concerning the wives of Newt Gingrich is dispensed with diagrammatically and efficiently in two segments.   Number one gives  background on the wives.  Number Two gives the timeline +opinion of Marianne.  <— Click em.      Something is RIGHT about Kevin DuJan!

**update: sorry to say those flow charts are gone from THIS ARTICLE at Hillbuzz. Pharmer is checking with Kevin DuJan to see if he wants to tack them back up, because they’re worth it.