Gay marriage support ‘more likely from straight men who watch porn’

From The Telegraph of the UK, comes a story from the old humping  …errr.. stomping grounds  of A.C. Kinsey, the legendary pervert of the Midwest.   Yes……. a study from Indiana University has concluded that:

Gay marriage support ‘more likely from straight men who watch porn’ – Telegraph.

Heterosexual men who watched the most porn were more “open” to the idea of same sex marriage, according to Assistant Professor Paul Wright.

He opines that porn ‘adopts a’ singular….. whoops….. ‘INDIVIDUALISTIC, non-judgmental view’ on all sorts of sexual behavior.   Exposure to this  is said to be linked to a more positive view of same sex marriage.

Per the Telegraph, people of the UK have seen sufficient porn that they are quite (over) ripe for gay marriage.

It seems to Pharmer, that after viewing a lot of porn, the users could just marry themselves, and save themselves the trouble of maintaining a long term relationship with another person.   😛

Bakery Turns Down Participation in Gay Activism, Might Be Evicted

Bakery displays morals, now faces eviction

Pharmer, an Indiana resident, has long known that Indianapolis has gone leftie  (down the tubes) in many different respects.

There’s a backlash  against an Indy bakery for refusing a special order from a gay activist group to make rainbow cookies to celebrate National coming out day at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus.

David Stockton, who deserves your mail-order business, turned down the job, saying that he didn’t feel comfortable supporting the gay cause because of the example it might give to his two daughters.

There has been a push to use an anti-discrimination law to have Stockton’s business,  Just Cookies,  evicted from his long -held location.

Don Surber,  blogging at the Daily Mail says it best: “It is None of the City’s Business.”

Just Cookies, 222 E Market St. #43, Indianapolis, IN 46204-3374, Phone 317-634-4456.

If you want professionally made cookies,  bring your business to  the Stocktons.    Maybe they’ll make enough to  move out of the city, and  start up a big, booming, mail order business.  Indy doesn’t need their tax money anyway.