Leftists Lying About Rush’s Sponsors Again

Suddenly the lefties are worried about adultery. This is a new development as they did not consider this behavior to be a disqualifying characteristic for their politicians. They do appear to think it disqualifies radio hosts and their listeners from acceptability, however, if they are conservative. Always the double standard.

Alexandra Petri, claims that Rush has accepted ads for AshleyMadison, (arranges extramarital hookups) and the SeekingArrangment.com (sugar daddy site).

For his listeners, Rush explained how radio ads are run. A set of them are national, and arranged by Rush’s show itself. Profit goes directly to them from these ads. The radio affiliates also arrange their own ads independently. Profit from these goes to the radio shows. Most of the ads lost from the latest controversy are local ads, and this happens with each controversy that comes up. The advertisers stick with the stations but move their ads away from his show when he upsets them. Others respond oppositely.
Rush has stated that he doesn’t accept the Ashleymadison or the SeekingArrangement ads. He also asks for the ads, accepted by local affiliates, to be moved away from his shows whenever they become aware of them.

You don’t have to believe Rush himself when he says that he selects his ads with his conservative audience in mind.

The Wrap has obtained comment from CEO Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison:

Indeed, Ashley Madison, the dating service for people looking for love outside their relationships, has offered to fill Limbaugh’s extra ad inventory.

“I’m trying to be the opportunistic entrepreneur that I am,” CEO Noel Biderman told TheWrap. “He’s clearly a controversial figure, one that to date has refused my overtures to advertise on his show.

What’s the chance that Angela Petri will retract her misprepresentation? Not good. Unlike yours truly, who corrects errors of fact when they are brought to light, Angela is a leftist.

Special Note.. regular readers note that Pharmer watches KMart-Sears. This is the company which has had decreasing sales, since KMart bought Sears, and leads the big box retailer failures over the last five years. They bailed on Rush Limbaugh — one more in a long line of bad business decisions. 😉

Glenn Beck Dissects an Alan Grayson Campaign Ad

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – The Worst Campaign Ad Ever.

And here’s the Dan Webster statement which was used to launch this extremely dishonest attack ad, which Alan Grayson  has defended

WEBSTER: A journal, second? Find a verse. I have a verse for my wife. I have verses for my wife: Don’t pick the ones that say she should submit to me. That’s in the Bible, but pick the ones that you’re supposed to do.

Watch the video or follow the top link to see the text of Alan Grayson’s ad, and you’ll see one desperate  leftie who might even peel off some of his own base.

Is the Government Embezzling, or Underreporting Unemployment?

Read up at Zerohedge.org. There’s a nice analysis which shows that the government is paying out more money than is justifiable by the unemployment checks being doled out to the 9.5 million recipients which the Dept of Labor claims to be beneficiaries.

The actual total $ outlay $ is 35% in excess of the amount which would cover these unemployment claims. It is enough to pay 14 million recipients. So either there is considerable embezzling, or the actual number of unemployed being serviced by the government is far in excess of the claim we have been hearing.

Check this analysis out for yourself, and YOU decide if the government is stealing, or lying, or perhaps both!