Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims -Breitbart


Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims.

He says the shoot-fests happen at Camp David.

It’s Man’s Country.

Pharmer is wondering where  Matt Drudge, Jerome Corsi and Kevin DuJan will run with this.

Here’s one answer…..

Breitbart tries to keep it clean.

such a super soaker


UPDATE….. We are laughing at New Republic for trying to pawn off a fake photo of Obama wielding a shotgun, and almost keeling over.  Could this have been their idea of what happens to him after firing?  Caught at The Weekly Standard.

This gun is tooooooo big for Barry

MORE UPDATE: Insiders who have seen Obama’s limited shooting at Camp David state that he could not have appeared more UNcomfortable handling a gun. He put himself through a 5 minute ordeal during a traditional shooting event (The President’s Cup) with the Marine guards.
See that report HERE.

Barry can’t let it go UPDATE:   White House provides that Once in a lifetime shot of Obama firing a shotgun.   The pic has so many caveats and restrictions attached that the media might not be showing it for long.

Party at Twitchy– users are photo-ENHANCING Obama’s pic.  Fun stuff HERE.

Race pimping Brent Budowsky to Matt Drudge: Stop the race stories – The Hill

Dear Matt Drudge: Stop the race stories – The Hill's Pundits Blog. Click and Puke.

Brent Budowsky is pretending not to know that it’s the lamestream media which has been been pumping race and stirring up division for years and years. Drudge is just putting up headlines 99.8 percent of the time. Once in awhile he features a privately obtained hot scoop.

A lot of America’s mixedupkidz think that America ought to be over race by now with all the intermingling of the genes. But noooooooooooooooo, the mostly white, all LEFTIE Obamanator and his race-pimping media continue to fan the embers of racial division, seeking to obtain political advantage from that.

Budowsky is one of those race-pimps, and he’s projecting his faults onto others.

A analogously disgusting creature is Chrissie Matthews, who of late is thankful for the storms and all the accompanying human misery, because he feels that Obamanator gained an advantage from that.

This is what we have for lefties now…… they obtain power by feeding from human misery, whether it is naturally occurring or created by them.

The Hockey Schtick has a Chill Pill for Matt Drudge

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: ‘Record-breaking’ US heat wave breaks records at < 0.4% of stations during past week.

You know how Matt Drudge goes nutz on the weather stories.   Here’s a chill pill to counteract  the garbage which the media has been pumping out about our little Midwestern heat wave.

Seems that if you look at the NOAA weather database,  negligibly few temperature records were set during the VERY SCARY heat wave.     It was just another  false alarm from the lamestream news to distract us from the fact that Obama’s a loser.

It’s just another summer…. during which we can count on two or three weeks of good heat.  An air conditioner might have been nice this past week, but  having one  when it’s only desirable for a few weeks out of every year really isn’t economical.

Some like it hot.