Guttmacher Spokesperson: Use of Morning After Pill increasing but “there’s room for improvement”

More U.S. women using “morning-after” pill: study – Yahoo! News.

The above article purports a single mechanism of Plan B, levonorgestrel, to operate by stopping ovulation.  It is known that progestin-only (a class of hormone analogs)  pills perform this job very  poorly, or not at all if taken in the latter third of the fertile period of a human female.   The media claim that this is their only operative mechanism of action would hinge upon extremely poor performance,  a failure rate of  approximately 40 percent per use.

From the Prescribing information of Plan B One-Step:

12.1 Mechanism of Action
Emergency contraceptive pills are not effective if a woman is already pregnant. Plan B One-Step is believed to act as an emergency contraceptive principally by preventing ovulation or fertilization (by altering tubal transport of sperm and/or ova). In addition, it may inhibit implantation (by altering the endometrium). It is not effective once the process of implantation has begun.

Note that it contradicts the above linked article by mentioning the fact that levonorgestrel affects the endometrium and may act to inhibit implantation.  This stops the life of a human embryo at the blastocyst stage of development, and is one of the bases for controversy concerning dispensing and use of this form of birth control.  Unmentioned in the package insert is that effect on tubal transport also influences the transport of the very early embryo prior to implantation. 

Here’s the quote of the year concerning Plan B:

“It has more than doubled since the last time the data were collected,” said Megan L. Kavanaugh, a senior research associate at the Guttmacher Institute in New York who worked on the study.

However, she said in an interview, “its use still seems relatively low, given that it’s easy to access. So there’s room for improvement.”

Somehow, in the fevered brain of Ms. Kavanaugh  it represents an improvement to fail in the more reliable forms of preventing pregnancy, and require the use of the LEAST reliable modality, the morning after pill, tossed over the counter by the local pharmacist, who could be  censured for attempting to ascertain  clinically appropriate application of the drug.   Kavanaugh credits the media, and not health care professionals, for stimulating the increase in this dependency.  (A tiny silver lining in this cloud.)

The above article suggests that the number of women who require afterthought birth control is on the rise, since the levonorgestrel form of morning after pill has been given over the counter status, and that this is a positive development.   It is one more reason that women should not obtain medical information and advice from the mainstream media.

The prescriber info of Plan B One-Step admits to a failure rate of  16 percent, per use  (which corroborates  the multiple mechanisms of action), and admits to the cumulative problem of failure should a woman rely on the morning after pill  as her main form of birth control.

How does the Guttmacher institute spell “improvement”??  Birth control failure.   It sells abortion.

Missouri Pro-Life Bill Protects Pharmacists Conscience Rights |

Missouri Pro-Life Bill Protects Pharmacists Conscience Rights |

Missouri State Rep.  David Sater has introduced a conscience protection bill for pharmacists, who opt not to sell abortive drugs.

It is of course, opposed by Planned Parenthood, whose assessment of which drugs are abortive changes depending on the audience.

This bill is to address problems pharmacists have faced in the past for refusing to dispense drugs which end human life at its earliest stages.

Heather Williams, an adherent Baptist was fired in 2006 by Target in Missouri for refusing to dispense the morning after pill, a drug which can stop the implantation of an early human embryo, thereby killing it.

US military bases are set to become abortion mills

if Obama has his way.

EDITORIAL: Abortion on base – Washington Times.

Democrat senator Roland Burris, of Chicago, ever interested in expanding abortion availability,  has seen that this provision was added  to the 2011 Defense Authorization Act, and it was passed out of committee in May.

Already the chemically abortive morning after pills have been placed on the obligatory formulary of the military pharmacies.

Military Hospitals Forced to Stock Morning After Pill

We’ve seen the opposition to the Tebow Superbowl ad, by the pro-aborts who have supported Obama throughout his career.  We know that the health and  self determination of women is not uppermost in the mind of this administration.  We’ve known for decades that “Choice” would become coercion, and that time is upon us now.

On the heels of the aborted attempt to punish military women who become pregnant, is this latest assault on the health of women as well as the conscience rights of health care providers.

Military hospitals will be forced to stock and dispense the Morning After Pill.

First, let it be understood that the Morning After Pills possess an interceptive mechanism to stop the early embryo from implanting. Those who claim otherwise are demonstrating that they don’t understand reproductive processes, and cannot be relied upon to provide competent gynecological care.   (Note that while the Plan B One-Step site admits to the embryocidal mechanisms, there is a postulation  that pregnancy starts after implantation, and this is for the purpose of deception.)

Next,  all of those who would object to embryonic stem cell research  should, for the exact  same reason, find the morning after pills to be an unacceptable form of contraception.

Third, let it be understood that the efficacy of the morning after pills is quite poor in actual use,  and is most closely comparable to the withdrawal method over time. The manufacturers have  ceased comparing the efficacy of either plan B product  to other contraceptive methods in the provider information leaflets .   Its ready availability and use is  NOT associated with a reduction in the demand  for surgical abortions.

Let anyone  whose consciences will be trampled by the latest edict of the Obama administration seek legal assistance quickly.     Health care professionals who are adversely affected by this decision can email  Pharmer .     The primary site for obtaining information and assistance has ALWAYS been  Pharmacists for Life International.

The future health and autonomy of women depends upon the continued ability of conscientious health care professionals to continue in their practices.   Without our presence,  women will lose their option to Choose Life.