Susan G. Komen Foundation Defunds Planned Parenthood

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Halts Partnership With Planned Parenthood |

Over 680,000 dollars last year flowed from Susan G Komen foundation to various planned parenthood affiliates. The funding will be stopped until the congressional investigation of planned parenthood obtains a result exonerating that organization of the charges of concealing sex abuse of minors.

The actual underlying decision by Komen probably has more to do with loss of contributions because of their longstanding tie with planned parenthood. It has become more publicly known that planned parenthood uses only the “TSA method” of breast cancer screening, not mammography or MRI.

The most in the fewest words from Smokey Bojangles, commenting at The Blaze: “Save the Ta Tas and kill the babies that feed off of them???”

TED Talks: Alexander Tsarias, Imaging Fetal Development

Alexander Tsarias is a self-taught programming specialist who wrote algorithms for the transformation of physiological magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data into visual images.
Below is a video compilation of Tsarias’ project on human fetal development. Get to know your embryo and fetus here. Tsarias himself is a whole picture thinker, and is quite skilled at conveying his work to the layman. Listen up!

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MRIs still less available in Canada.

Miracle mom: Mayo surgeons cut her in half, cleared out her cancer – Winnipeg Free Press.

Once you read the story from the Winnipeg Free Press, the possible consequences of delayed diagnosis due to the inavailability of medical imaging in Canada become apparent.

Best of luck to this upbeat Mom, Janis Ollson who is bent on surviving and succeeding despite the traumatic surgery she has undergone to remove a tumor (chondrosarcoma) in her spine.

Other notable details are that the ground breaking  surgery, of course, took place in the United States, at the Mayo Clinic.

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