Some Leftists are Unteachable, They Must be Defeated Politically

Gingrich Slams Media on Limbaugh Focus.

With Extreme, brainwashed Leftists such as David Gregory, of Meet the Depressed, there is no compromise. This man has demonstrated that he cannot take in a new idea that deviates from his narrow template of memorized dogma.

Rush Limbaugh has provided a good deal of live air time for conservatives to express the real issue behind the HHS mandate, which has nothing to do with access to birth control, and everything to do with attacking religious freedom of pro-life people.

Click above and read Newt repeatedly explaining that women have easy access to birth control now, and that the HHS mandate is for the sole purpose of forcing religious people to violate the ethical tenets of their faith. Witness the unresponsivness of Dick Gregory, and evaluate whether he could be trusted to present any issues reliably.

This is an issue for people of any faith, since your religion could be next, at such time when it is found to be inconvenient to the aims of the state.

No viewing of Meet the Depressed was required for this article. You can monitor the media on the internet without wasting the time viewing it, and the accompanying ads.

Update: It’s always fun to see different takes on the media personalities and their modes of operation. The Anchoress has an idea that Gregory might be our man on the inside because he gave Newt his minutes of uninterrupted air time.

One of Pharmer’s more interesting radio interviews involved a host who asked the whole line of left-style questions on the pharmacist conscience issue, which is very much the same vein as this whole HHS mandate business. Pharmer did a similar thing as Newt did, and not for the first time. What added the interest is the call back from this man after the interview. His feelings were hurt by the way he had been addressed by yours truly. He said he was really on our side but was playing devil’s advocate. He had been addressed as the actual opposition.
This man seemed to feel that he had to interview as a leftie in order to have media credibility. Your Pharmer told him that he had been addressed in his assumed role, and he should view it as such.
Maybe these are our people on the “inside”. They do what it takes to stay in position. But maybe if they were not so desperate to be getting along on the inside, that “inside”, which carries so much garbage news, would no longer exist.

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Cooter vs Newt: Obsession and the Ethics Complaints

What really happened in the Gingrich ethics case? | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.

After you read the above story of the ethics complaints against Newt Gingrich, you might become less convinced that Crazy Nancy Pelosi will be able to drop a bomb on him. Likely her lawyers have been trying to get her to shut up.

Apparently a former Georgia congressman, Ben Jones, aka Cooter of the Dukes of Hazzard, who lost a race against Newt in 1994, was driven to obsession. He brought forth a complaint about a political science class that Gingrich taught. This effort began a stream of bogus complaints which Newt tried to sweep out of the way in the most convenient manner possible, by admitting to some form of wrongdoing, and paying $300,000 fine. After all was said and done, the IRS exonerated Gingrich of any wrongdoing with respect to this college course and its funding.

Sarah Palin went through a similar barrage of attacks, while governor of Alaska with none of the complaints against her sticking. The business of defending herself against the charges was leading her to financial ruin, and preventing her from functioning as governor, so she resigned her post.

This kind of business from the Democrats is what scares the most competent and straightforward of people away from politics. It severely limits the pick of political candidates to those with an extremely high appetite for risk.

Expect Santorum to face a similar attacks as Gingrich and Cain, should he meet with further success on the campaign trail.

It really is time for Republicans to fight fire with fire.

Gingrich Wives by Flow Chart

Pharmer would post them here, but Kevin DuJan’s  Blog,  is worth a visit for its uniqueness and spicy flavor.

The creator of HillBuzz  is Hillary Supporter turned  fairly conservative, who has a snippy, gossipy style of delivering a well deserved trashing of the media and the Obama administration.   Pharmer has  points of agreement with Kevin, and plenty of differences.  For example, we agree on not-Romney, but he prefers Gingrich.   His blog style is entertaining, and dishes up some information and viewpoints which are not readily available elsewhere,  so the visits there are pretty frequent.

The media misinformation concerning the wives of Newt Gingrich is dispensed with diagrammatically and efficiently in two segments.   Number one gives  background on the wives.  Number Two gives the timeline +opinion of Marianne.  <— Click em.      Something is RIGHT about Kevin DuJan!

**update: sorry to say those flow charts are gone from THIS ARTICLE at Hillbuzz. Pharmer is checking with Kevin DuJan to see if he wants to tack them back up, because they’re worth it.

The Angel and the Devil


This mom has had 15 kids, and after receiving quite a bit of assistance from social services neighbors, landlords, etc is Angry. She says that someone has to PAY! Someone has to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Angel has some similarities with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.


Smell the sulfur and smoke! Newt thinks that kids would obtain a better work ethic and self respect by having a bit of cash paying work experience before they’re sixteen. Yep, he’s basically correct on this matter. Every rural family knows this.

Incidentally, the lefties are in the process of regulating child labor on family farms. They would like to crush all family businesses out of existence, leaving only a small number of large corporations, with cowardly boards of directors, which can be more easily controlled by government.

Many Leftists also want what poor or starving children could be forced to sell if they are not permitted to do honest labor for pay.

Newt Gingrich Sticks With His Prior Health Insurance Mandate

Gingrich Knocks GOP Proposal for Medicare –

It’s one thing that Gingrich and the Dems seem to  have in common: the idea that people  should be forced to purchase health care insurance.

Some people can afford to be ‘self insured’, and some would agree to take the risk and accept that no one cover them if they have a turn of bad luck.   Others are covered in private, voluntary groups in which people agree to pay for each others illnesses.

What in the U.S. Constitution allows the federal government to force us to purchase something?   Maybe Newt  (the washed up one) can tell us where to find this.