Obama Will Drop the Big One on America

and the dirty fallout will send the rest of the world to economic ruin.

Rush Limbaugh was explaining the reconciliation option,  and how it would work, on his show this past summer.   He said that this was the option they would eventually use to pass the Obamacare (with its Abortions and Death Panels).

So, once more,  Obamanator,  Rush was right, and your repeated campaign LIEs that it would have to pass with 60 plus majority are now viral on the internet, and available below.

Obama Care will Create Jobs sez Pelosi

ALMOST IMMEDIATELY,   the Bug eyed Nancy, claims. Please watch this clueless woman.  Remember, Obamacare doesn’t kick in until after that guy is gone from office.   The Dems intend to be retired in other countries by the time the  people who lack  religious constraints understand what has happened, and are mad enough  to choke them.

Docs cut work hours as primary care shortage looms – Yahoo! News.  Already a review of what’s going on in Obamatown  shows that government regulation has created a bunch of employee docs who are not willing to work the long hours they once did.   With unionized health care, that 400,000 extra bodies  (of a quality you would not want providing care for you)  will not be providing the increase in care that is needed.

Obamanator met the Republicans today, gave them very little time to speak, and informed them of what we already knew.   Their opinion  (AND THE PLAN WHICH THEY PROVIDED TO HIM IN ADVANCE)  do not matter one bit.

The DEMOCRAT debacle will be rammed down our throats using the NUCLEAR OPTION which the Democrats decried so vehemently,, (calling it a constitutional crisis)  in 2005.   All over the net you can find video of Obama and Dems speaking against the process used for budget reconciliation, which allows no filibuster.   The democrats will be using this same process to force through the Obamacare,  which is opposed by 75 % of Americans.