Nancy Giles of CBS is Stuck on Stupid

Oh the Melissa Harris Perry-Show, the lefties got stuck in the projection of their own racism upon others, AGAIN!.

Harris-Perry displayed a demographics chart and stated that news of the demise of white people is overstated.
Nancy Giles, of CBS, then offered up the following:

“It’s been weird to watch white people report on this. You know when you just showed that graph of the decline of the numbers, I thought — maybe that’s why they’re trying to eliminate all these abortions and stuff. They’re trying to build up the race.”

Yep, Giles is STUCK on STUPID, particularly in light of the fact that U.S. Blacks are currently aborting almost half of their babies, and Hispanics abort at approximately three times the rate of Whites.

So WHO gets saved when we stop abortions?????? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM??

Giles is trying to claim that her statement was a joke. Quite a career in comedy she has ahead of her.

Why Do Prolifers Focus On Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood: Roe Dying, Sex-Selection Abortions OK |

“The Sky is falling on Roe v Wade”, says Casey Martin, director of Southern Finger Lakes region.

The above article ponders why is planned parenthood the main target of pro-life legal and political efforts. Is it just because it’s the largest U.S. chain of abortion mills? Pro-lifers cite the abortion provider’s attacks on them, claiming that they want to control the sexuality of poor people, etcetera.

What the above article missed is the Main Attack Planned Parenthood has launched on those who choose not to kill. For decades they have pursued a political program to force us to participate in their killing agenda. Planned parenthood has worked tirelessly to force us to pay for it with taxes, force us cover it with health insurance, and force health care professionals to participate in it. They have persistently opposed health care professionals’ right NOT to kill humans. They have lobbied tirelessly to include abortion as an obligate part of health care, tied to medicare and medicaid funding. They are behind the Obama-Sebelius actions against states who wish to defund planned parenthood. Obama has tied the care of the sick and the elderly to the provision of abortion services with tax payer dollars.

This is why Planned Parenthood has been and remains a main target of pro-life political action.