Bioethicists Suggest Killing ‘Universally and Irreversibly Disabled’ Person Not Morally Wrong | Video |

Bioethicists Suggest Killing ‘Universally and Irreversibly Disabled’ Person Not Morally Wrong | Video |

Next they’ll be grabbing organs from political dissidents.

Bioethicists pretty much exist to justify killing, and other immoral medical and research practices.

Click above to see new excuses to  grab organs from donors before they have been declared dead.   It’s terribly inconvenient, and might harm organ quality to wait until the donor is actually deceased before snagging the needed body parts.

In some of the written justifications for this killing is the comparison of people who have lost their abilities with weeds in a garden.

Ready for Obamacare?

The only comfort is that there won’t be as much money to pay for organ transplants and the ensuing maintenance costs.

A quote from Walter Sinnett-Armstrong and Franklin Miller:

[I]f killing were wrong just because it is causing death or the loss of life, then the same principle would apply with the same strength to pulling weeds out of a garden. If it is not immoral to weed a garden, then life as such cannot really be sacred, and killing as such cannot be morally wrong.”


Organs from Killed Patients are better for transplant use than organs from accident victims

Shock study: Organs harvested from euthanized patients make better transplants |

In this Belgian study, 23.5 percent of the lung transplants are taken from euthanized patients.  Better outcomes for the recipient are reported using these organs rather than those from accident or trauma victims.

According to a Canadian Medical Association report,  20 percent of Belgian nurses, interviewed for their study, reported involvement in euthanasia, with half of those cases being without request or consent of the patient.

(Perhaps there’s  reason that Hugo Chavez  hasn’t been doing any of his  medical tourism in Belgium. )