Dec 11

Sebelius Helps Planned Parenthood Hide Child Rape

A ten year investigation of Planned Parenthood, for concealing the rape of minors, started by then Attorney General Phill Kline has come to a grinding halt, just as it was ready to go to trial. This is because Kathleen Sebelius’ latest choice for Attorney General, Steve Sixx had the relevant documents shredded. The most significant evidence in the case has been purposely destroyed. Watch this video, put out by the American Life League explaining the history of this case.

Here’s the story at LifeNews.
Click HERE for a Petition to have Kathleen Sebelius removed from her position as head of Obama’s Dept of Health and Human Services.

Dec 11

Mental Meanderings– The 180 Degree Turn on Plan B

Yesterday was interesting. There was a call from “Maggie” who wanted to know if the Pharmer would speak with ABC News reporters (for Diane Sawyer’s program) concerning the FDA’s idea to allow Plan B to be sold on store shelves. This was said to be a followup to a story from LONG ago featuring yours truly.

The ever agreeable Pharmer said “yes”, and mentioned that the FDA should be concentrating on the rampant shortage of essential medications, rather than messing around with Plan B. “Maggie” said there would be a call back to time the interview. ………. That, of course, was not to be, because VOILA!! The story changed radically and they likely no longer wanted to parade the weird pro-life pharmacist , who does not wish to kill humans at any stage of development.

So. to those who think the lefties are not happy with the results, and their party was squashed, and they need a Waaaaambulance…….. You are CORRECT, and that includes the mainstream media.

The lefties are wailing and gnashing their teeth about pre-teens and men not being able to purchase or steal Plan B from the shelves. It’s been fun to read their comments on some of the news sites.

Pharmer originally thought Sebelius possibly felt she had collected enough barnacles and “bad Karma” in Kansas, with respect to facilitating the abuse of minors, abusing Phill Kline, and “losing” documents. She perhaps no longer wanted that to be highlighted and discussed everywhere she looks. So perhaps she decided to give her agenda a rest for once.

Another alternative idea is that Sebelius is actually recalcitrant, and wanted to allow the FDA decision to fly. Perhaps she was ordered from above to countermand the FDA recommendation, and WAIT TILL AFTER THE ELECTION to allow it.

From a practical standpoint, the items which are often stolen wind up being locked up in stores. Plan B One-Step would be one of these, because a person can easily break into the box, take the pill and leave the empty container with it’s little alarm device still inside. So perhaps it would not be placed out with the condoms after all.

Feb 11

Punishing the Prosecutor for Bringing Charges Against Planned Parenthood

Pro-Kline report concealed for months | CJOnline.com.

This is a unique article found in a regular newspaper revealing that Phil Kline, the Kansas prosecutor who brought charges against planned parenthood is being punished by accusations of ethics violations, without probable cause.

The document showing the investigation of Kline, and the  finding no probable cause for  ethics  complaints was willfully kept hidden from Kline and the public.

The Ethics Disciplinary hearing will take place anyway, because it is very important to the Kansas State government to punish those who would dare to bring criminal charges against  its benefactors from the abortion industries.

See also at Jill Stanek’s blog,  the basis for charges that would have been brought against George Tiller, for not reporting the sexual abuse of minors who came to his clinic,  had he not been so well protected by Kathleen Sebelius, who is now head of Obama’s Health and Human Services Dept.   Much more is expected to be revealed at the Ethics trial of Phill Kline.

Keep watch of the colorful Kansas corruption, and finally the case against Planned Parenthood going forward  over at Operation Rescue’s site.

Feb 11

Will the Supreme Court of Kansas Protect Planned Parenthood from Criminal Charges

Reader’s condensed background on Kline saga – Jill Stanek.

Phill Kline once served as KS Attorney General  and as District Attorney of Johnson County.   While in the latter position, he filed over a hundred criminal charges against a local planned parenthood facility for illegal late term abortions and for concealing the sexual abuse of minors.   Three judges have allowed this case to remain active, and the current district attorney has been compelled by public interest to continue prosecuting the case.

The Supreme Court of Kansas has been packed mostly by former Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who worked  to keep Kansas the U.S. capital of late term abortion, and who will be sure to keep abortion at the heart of Obama-care, as her current boss promised to planned parenthood.

There is a move to deprive Phill Kline of his law license, in order to scare law enforcement away from enforcing medical standards and taking planned parenthood to task for its many failures.   The tactics funded by planned parenthood’s supporters have worked to scare other prosecutors away from dealing with the abysmal conditions at abortion clinics.  The result is that such clinics as Gosnell’s “shop of horrors” in Philadelphia have continued without regulation for decades.

Starting on Feb 21, we will find out the degree to which the Supreme Court of Kansas, through its Disciplinary Administrator, would like to support  the sexual abuse of minors, the substandard medical practices of the abortion industry, and its standard-bearer, planned parenthood.

Appended is the finding from the original Ethics Investigation of Phill Kline in 2008, finding no basis for accusations of violations or wrongdoing.    This result has been kept buried for two years.  Take a look.