Planned Parenthood: New Fall Guy Needed

Spotted at Jill Stanek’s place:

Job Opportunities – Planned Parenthood.   <–   their own ad

Planned Unparenthood is needing a new Billing Manager to work with their Obamacare team, assisting with the design of billing strategies. This person is to travel to various affiliates and assist them with their billing, and maximizing revenue.

This new employee might take  the fall for fraud should there be an appropriate change in government. Without the protection of the democrats, Planned Unparenthood would likely be in deeper water, due to the 4 medicaid fraud lawsuits it is experiencing. The latest suit in Iowa  is added to a case in California,  and two separate suits against  its big Gulf Coast Affiliate, in Texas.  A normal government would be less likely to award tax dollars to an institution with entrenched practices of inappropriately billing medicaid for services.

Planned Parenthood should offer a handsome salary to a person who has to travel to extensively to the far flung affiliates and get his hands dirty with their questionable billing practices.

How Planned Parenthood “Helps” Women -Live Action Films

by KILLING their unborn little girls.

Here it is…… Planned Parenthood, Austin Texas, and there is no mistake about the assistance being given to this woman, to abort at five months if the baby is a girl, and try again immediately for a boy. Lady Shredder, “Rebecca”, might be obtaining some gratification in recommending a late term abortion, to be sure it is actually a girl who will be torn up.

You knew it was coming…… after the latest discussion of sex selection abortions, and Planned Parenthood’s paranoia that they were going to be stung by Live Action concerning their sex selection abortions. By the time planned parenthood gets that feeling, it’s already too late.

The definition of equal rights for women, in the minds of our feminazis is to be able to kill unborn girls, because they’d prefer a preponderance of boys. It’s Stockholm syndrome by proxy. It must be a severe and insidious kind of abuse which has twisted their brains into pretzels.

The ultimate control of women is exhibited by getting them to preferentially kill girls and call it women’s rights.

Live Action Petition Protect Our Girls

Another One Bites the Dust (Planned Parenthood in Lawrence, KS closes)

Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Closes in Kansas, Three Left in State |

Supposedly due to lack of need, the Planned Parenthood facility in Lawrence KS closed.   This street mall site was not licensed nor inspected by the state, and was reported to have  dispensed contraceptives and chemical abortives with no physician on site.    Dr. Robert Crist was listed as a consultant for the facility.

The Planned Parenthood count in KS drops to three, says Life News.