Secular Prolife Notices: Drexel Law School Official is Fuzzy on the First Amendment

Pro-Life News of the Day: Drexel needs a civics lesson.

There’s a watchdog group at Drexel Law School waiting for pro-life protesters to violate the First Amendment. Kelsey at Secular Prolife notes that the Bill of Rights puts limits on government, not individuals. It’s not possible for an individual citizen, (who is not in government) to violate the First Amendment.
Kelsey also reveals that Drexel law students can get pro-bono credit for helping minors use the judicial by-pass to get abortions without their parents consent. With this comes the info that their own local Planned Parenthood, down the road, failed a 2010 health inspection, for failing to adequately follow up on their abortion patients. (Remenber when Kermit Gosnell’s infanticidal atrocities and slimy clinic suddenly aroused Pennsylvania interest in monitoring the status at abortion clinics?)
Karen Pearlman Raab is the director of Pro-Bono Public Interest Programs. Here’s the web page of her program and her contact link is in the first paragraph. The Judicial by-pass Intake project is on this page, under Working with Youth.

Becket Fund to provide free defense for religious hospitals against government-ordered abortions

Becket Fund to provide free defense for religious hospitals against government-ordered abortions.

Apparently the members of the ACLU recognize Catholic health care to be of such high quality that they want their abortions done at Catholic hospitals, rather than those hole-in-the-wall Planned Unparenthood clinics.

Their latest push is to pressure the government to force the religious affliliated hospital personnelĀ  to vacuum the babies out of their women.

Above is linked an article from the Becket Fund which is offering pro-bono legal help for any health care professionals who areĀ  victimized by the ACLU’s push to force participation in this killing.