H1N1 flu vaccine subpotency and why to follow the Pharmer

That 800,000 flu vaccines, targeted for kids, have been recalled by Sanofi Pasteur is Zero surprise to those who have been listening to  the Pharmer  nail another set of correct medical predictions to the wall.  

You can be absolutely certain that  instability has less to do with the subpotency than the pressure from the government to rapidly produce vaccine from this slow replicating H1N1 influenza A virus.

There is no report on how many kids have gotten the subpotent vaccine, due to the “story” that the vaccine has lost potency over time.   (Translation — it was marginal in its production due to the attempt to stretch insufficient material into the production of millions of doses).   The lack of need for revaccination is due to the fact that the peak H1N1 season has passed — before the late produced vaccines have had significant effect.

Government recovery from this latest mismanagement will be to claim that we were saved from the ravages of the Swine Flu by the efforts of Kathleen Sebelius teaching us  how to cough or sneeze into our elbows. 

Your tax dollars are HARD at work.

National Health Care Power Grab

This one might cause Obama to fall on his face.

He declared an national emergency due to the swine flu. Now go down and reread the post below…..

And given the facts, realize that Obama is grabbing power in order to move against a thing which is unquantifiable, and over which his activity will have little to NO influence.

He’s going to waste billions and billions of money on this effort.

The H1N1 influenza is HERE, in unknown amount. The vaccine distribution is just beginning, and there is not much of it.

And remember, its JUST another Flu.

Will we be having national emergencies every year???

Oink! More Fun with the Swine Flu

On the Shortage of H1N1 Influenza A vaccine…. (trumpet fanfare)… the Indiana state Commissioner of Health:

“Vaccine supply is a challenge and I realize this has caused frustration for many of you. We expected to receive an ample supply of vaccine by mid-October. Unfortunately, we have only received about 30% of the doses that were expected by this time due to limited production. The virus is not replicating at the speed that was originally expected which has led to the delay in manufacturing sufficient supply of the vaccine. Clearly this has created an additional challenge for all of us as demand for the vaccine is outstripping supply.”

Someone else can have mine. 😉

Now….. as for the virus not replicating at the speed which was expected…..

Maybe it’s a leftist virus; they have trouble replicating also, or accomplishing anything else they set out to do.

For most of you, what this means is that the swine flu (‘just another flu’) will have passed through your ‘hood, before this vaccine (which Pharmer considers experimental) has been widely distributed enough for YOU to have it.

Three Reasons why all the swine flu statistics will remain inaccurate to the degree of being BOGUS:

People are reporting assumed swine flu cases (respiratory illnesses which have not been identified, but appear to be flu-like to whichever person is reporting).

Testing which is done, is identifying a flu virus as influenza A, )and there are a lot of those) but and is assumed to be the (media frenzy) bug du jour, H1N1 influenza A.

and the third reason that the numbers are bogus….. Newly developed tests for swine flu virus are being used, this one by Quest diagnostics and 3M. These tests (here’s another one,by Diatherix) are permitted emergency use for this season only, and do not yet have actual FDA approval. This in itself does not mean the tests are no good at all. However, you should also be aware of this bit of practical information: Tests for flu virus are far from perfect, (even those which have been approved) vary in specificity and efficiency, and are dogged with the problem of false negative results particularly during peak seasons.

New tests to differentiate the virus, mass confusion, media frenzy, and you won’t be getting any good statistics concerning this particular flu bug.

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