Which Republicans Said Yes to the Bogus Obama Fiscal Deal?

Below is the list of Republicans whobent over and yes to the bogus Obama tax deal.  Pharmer is pleased to see no Indiana names on that list of wimps and wusses.

The interesting name to see on this list is Paul Ryan.   Perhaps he is tired and wants to go home.

Obama used the fraudulent  fiscal cliff method as a final stab to the republican party, which will permanently remove it from power.

Conservatives won’t be able to get behind the people on this list.  Since the Republican establishment can’t tolerate conservative candidates,  it necessarily means that the Republican party will not be able to take the majority in either house, or  win the presidency.

They are finished.

House Votes ‘Yes’ on The Senate’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Bill\

Obama to Push Seniors Over the Cliff

Obama threatens to hold up social security and military pay checks in order to get his tax increases. This is after he said that we should not increase taxes in a failing economy.

Flashback to Obama on retaining the Bush Tax cuts: “Make no mistake, allowing taxes to go up on all Americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical American family and that could cost our economy well over 1 million jobs,” Obama said.

With the economy no better than last year, Obama appears quite ready to blackmail seniors and the military in order to get his tax increases.

Obama admits that the government has spent all of the money “invested” by tax payers into social security. Nothing is in there. Bernie Madoff went to jail for doing this kind of stuff to investors. The U.S. is going into debt to sustain the social programs.

Republicans should call Obama’s bluff on this, and use his latest statements in the political ads for 2012.