End of the Twinkie

Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business, CEO Blames Union Strike | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.

Gregory Rayburn CEO of Hostess has announced closure of the entire corporation, and intent to sell off the assets to the highest bidder.
The decision to close came after insufficient numbers of workers heeded the deadline to return to work on Thursday.
Rayburn said that if he could not get production close to normal levels he would have to shut down.
This means that 18000 more workers across the U.S. are entering Obamaville, and dependency on the government.

Congrat’s to the Unions who thought that no job was better than a job with reduced pay and benefits, for a company that was struggling to survive.

Addressing John Gehring’s Attack on Conservative Catholics

Pharmer spotted the  pretentious  John Gehring  telling us that it is a violation of  Catholic  teaching to support Rick Santorum.

Our CINO (Catholic in name only) lefties continually abuse the seamless garment type of philosophy in order to justify their own political views.
Basically they have supported a pro-abortion, pro-infanticide president and regime, in order to obtain some benefits from his promises to redistribute the wealth. One could compare such people to prostitutes, but that would be an unwarranted insult to the sex workers. CINOs instead forfeit the lives of their fellow humans in order to obtain largess from the government for their own personal interests and gain.

CINOs have pushed for a program of forced redistribution of wealth, which discourages personal charity and relegates the responsibility to a government which has become corrupt.

The greenie CINOs ignore the government’s forcing us to bring toxic levels of mercury into our homes (easily broken compact fluorescent bulbs) in the name of energy efficiency. They also ignore the extreme toxicity of lithium battery production for their greenie cars. They ignore the deaths of millions (from malaria and starvation) caused by irrational risk assessments by environmentalists, who ban pesticides. Those are their late term, human sacrifices to Mother Earth.

The CINOs look to unions to facilitate income redistribution while at the same time supporting tax and regulatory policies which have driven job creating corporations overseas. The Union workers and public sector workers are making much greater salaries on average than those from whom CINOs wish to extract taxes for bailing out the union pension plans. Meanwhile the dearth of U.S. jobs has sent immigrants with legitimate work permits back to Mexico, and American Blacks are suffering  increasingly worse unemployment than Whites.

So far CINOs have not seen much return on their personal investment in wealth redistribution. Pharmer is comforted by the fact that very few of these people will obtain even scraps from the tables of the corrupt politicians to whom they cling.

Lastly, if the Catholic Church really were actually teaching the garbage that John Gehring is expelling, This lifelong Catholic would have already found another religion.

Union Demonstration in Ohio

So many good websites……… so little time. Look at Truth About Bills. These fine people bring you the following video of a classy union guy, discussing the SB 5 rally in Ohio.

This video might offend  if you are sensitive to the language used in R rated movies.   The star of this video knows no other kind.  (Plus, Pharmer thinks he’s a little trashed.)

Obama’s SEIU Goons Drop Health Coverage for Kids of Low Income Members in New York

1199SEIU to Drop Health Coverage for Workers’ Children – Metropolis – WSJ.

It’s difficult to pay for getting Obama elected, pay for thugs to beat up Teapartiers,  and bus paid demonstraters to rallies across the country.  Those necessary things tend to drain a union budget.

Something had to go………..

Health care for the kids of thirty thousand low wage home attendants HAD TO GO!

First things First.

Also,  SEIU has two retirement funds, one for the big shots, and one for the rank and file workers.

You KNOW which one is declared by the government to be in critically insolvent condition. …………    Of COURSE!  The Worker’s Fund.

See what a GOOD JOB other Unions have been doing for their workers retirements, while blowing money on their favorite special interests and politicians.

Obama Care will Create Jobs sez Pelosi

ALMOST IMMEDIATELY,   the Bug eyed Nancy, claims. Please watch this clueless woman.  Remember, Obamacare doesn’t kick in until after that guy is gone from office.   The Dems intend to be retired in other countries by the time the  people who lack  religious constraints understand what has happened, and are mad enough  to choke them.

Docs cut work hours as primary care shortage looms – Yahoo! News.  Already a review of what’s going on in Obamatown  shows that government regulation has created a bunch of employee docs who are not willing to work the long hours they once did.   With unionized health care, that 400,000 extra bodies  (of a quality you would not want providing care for you)  will not be providing the increase in care that is needed.

Obamanator met the Republicans today, gave them very little time to speak, and informed them of what we already knew.   Their opinion  (AND THE PLAN WHICH THEY PROVIDED TO HIM IN ADVANCE)  do not matter one bit.

The DEMOCRAT debacle will be rammed down our throats using the NUCLEAR OPTION which the Democrats decried so vehemently,, (calling it a constitutional crisis)  in 2005.   All over the net you can find video of Obama and Dems speaking against the process used for budget reconciliation, which allows no filibuster.   The democrats will be using this same process to force through the Obamacare,  which is opposed by 75 % of Americans.

Voodoo High Priest Complains His People aren’t Getting Their Fair Share

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to change…. people help their own tribe first, before spreading the wealth. Take Obama for example, who plans to allow Unions to pay no tax on health insurance while the rest of us pay 40%.

The Haitian Voodoo high priest claims that his people are getting less aid than those affiliated with Christian churches. Pharmer suggests that he appeal to Obama for targeted assistance, since the private aid is allocated by the givers. Perhaps if he forms a union….

Meanwhile, in this article from the UK telegraph, PLEASE notice that some Haitians attribute this earthquake, to a specific judgment and action from God.

Then go back and review what Pat Robertson actually said….. and take note of the difference. It might be too fine of a theological point for those unfamiliar with religious teachings, but some people might understand it.\

Meanwhile, if you’d like to target some assistance to Haiti…… this charity is ongoing, and is dedicated to the useful task of establishing safe water supplies. 100% Pro-life.