Mitt Romney Makes Nice with TeaParty by Picking Paul Ryan as as VP

Watch Congressman Paul Ryan rip up the Obamacare Budget and point out that millions of seniors LOSE MEDICARE as a result of Obamacare funding, as well as the double accounting that causes this problem. It’s why Obama can’t stand him, and a reason why the Tea Party thinks he’s OK. Romney likely has chosen Ryan for the purpose of attracting Tea Party support in the general election.

Does Planned Parenthood provide Mammograms?


courtesy of Live Action Films.

Senior Vice President for Policy, Karen Handel has resigned from the Komen Foundation. She has been credited with initiating the Komen decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Handel says she supported the decision but that the idea was initiated before she was hired into her position, in April 2011.

Jill Stanek notes that Karen Handel has declined a severance package from Komen. What this means is that her departure is probably about as good for Komen as the departure of Abby Johnson was for planned unparenthood. Know what I mean?? 😉

Head over to Jill’s place to see what happened when ATT disconnected planned unparenthood.

Phun!! Hillary and Joe Biden Trade Places

Grammatico of Breitbart has a  waking nightmare of Biden and Hillary swapping jobs.

Detailed in this bit of “news” is the confirmation process ushering Biden to his new position as Secretary of State……. as if that mattered.

We have found that the Obaminator can make recess appointments EVEN WHEN CONGRESS IS NOT IN RECESS!!!!!!!    Apparently the Senators  are  so afraid of being dumped off of a bridge with cement shoes, that they dare not object to this abrogation of the Constitution.

Senate confirmation processes have very recently become superfluous.  However the fantasy appearance of Joe Biden before  Senator Kerry and  the Foreign Relations Committee is hilarious fun.  If you need a laugh, click HERE.