Dial 911, for another Waaaaaaaaaaaambulance call for Steve Driehaus, Abortion Supporting Dem

When FORMER Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus lost his 2010 bid against Republican Steve Chabot, he threw a temper tantrum directed at the Susan B. Anthony list.  The latter pro-life group had put up billboards citing Driehaus for his abortion support, because he voted in favor of Obamacare.  At first Driehaus pursued a criminal charges against Marjorie Dannefelser, of the SBA list, with the Ohio Elections board.  That effort was abandoned for an attempt to turn his loss in to money with a civil defamation suit, claiming that the SBA list cost him his job.

This suit was allowed to proceed, but eventually was decided against sore loser, Driehaus, by Judge Timothy Black.   This Obama appointed Judge, a former director of planned parenthood, initially  supported Driehaus’s legal pursuits, but eventually tipped in favor of the SBA List.  Possible inducements for this decision probably included the ACLU’s  backing of  the SBA List, (and their own interests) as well as the recent Supreme Court decision of the Alvarez vs U.S. (Stolen Valor) case.


Tea Party Spanks Republican Establishment in Texas

Ted Cruz, a Tea Party candidate who has never held political office, beat Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, in a primary runoff election for the  senate seat in Texas.  This is quite an costly  upset for the OLD Republicans, and another sign of surging Tea Party strength.     This second runoff resulted because David Dewhurst was unable to garner 50 percent of the vote in the regular primary.

Tea party Republican Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate primary – latimes.com.

Appeals Court Upholds Pro-Life Pastor’s Free Speech Rights | LifeNews.com

Appeals Court Upholds Pro-Life Pastor’s Free Speech Rights | LifeNews.com.

Rev. Walter Hoye, has won a unanimous decision from the Leftie 9th Circuit court against the city of Oakland, CA which had been persecuting him for offering abortion alternatives to women entering abortion clinics.  Oakland had been found to only prosecute those who approached women in the clinic bubble zones if they were trying to dissuade women from abortion, not if they were advocating abortions.

The 9th Circuit Court concluded that Oakland’s enforcement policy is a constitutionally invalid, content-based regulation of speech”.


Congratulations to Rev. Hoye for prevailing in his steadfast defense of life, for which he had endured much hardship, including prison time.

Cheney to Ruin Obama’s Weekend

Shortly after Obama and Biden have taken credit for the Bush policy in Iraq, the surge, and the resultant strengthening of Iraq’s elected government, former VP Dick Cheney will appear on ABC “This Week” to correct the misperceptions.

As we recall, both Obama and Biden spoke repeatedly against Bush’s Iraq war effort, opposed General Petraeus,  opposed the troop surge, and declared the war a loss.

Lately there has been a sudden turnaround, with the Obama administration wishing to take credit for victory in Iraq. Those of us, with any  political memory at all, can recognize this blatant lie.  For those without the memory,  Pharmer is happy to supply a few links and a bit of video.

The coming week will be interesting as Obama’s administration is forced to respond to Cheney’s criticisms once more.   Pharmer appreciates that Cheney has seen fit to sacrifice hope of a peaceful retirement,  remind people of the facts, and goad the current administration regarding its weak foreign policy.