Typhoons Pummel Korea, Japan, Okinawa

It’s been a memorable typhoon season.  Jelawat is the second big September storm to come through and mess things up in eastern Asia, injuring hundreds and wreaking havoc.  Two weeks ago it was Typhoon Sanba, with Bolaven and Tembin striking in August. Below are a couple of Jelawat videos from Okinawa, brought to you by U.S. military personnel. Expect expletives.

Car gets rolled at Camp Kinser:

Dumpster Trashes Van, behind Kadena BX.

Pro-lifers Express Concerns about the Girls Scouts Reproductive Agenda

The video series below is brought to you by Christy Volanski a former girl scout leader, and her daughter, Sydney, a former girl scout, and the two web sites  SpeakNowGirlScouts.com and GirlScoutsWhyNot.com . This info has been publicized at The Blaze.

Further documentation which accompanies the videos is available  HERE

The U.S. Catholic Bishops are conducting an inquiry into the Girl Scouts sex education policies.


Breitbart Has Obama Videos

Remember what happened to Anthony Weiner??   Breitbart had the pics…….

At CPAC,  Andrew Breitbart said he has some videos showing  Obama’s radical past, which will be interesting at election time.


Bring Your Cell Phone and Camera When You Vote

You might pick up all kinds of cool scenes, and shenanigans.

Here’s that video from last election of the Panthers guarding a polling place with billy club in hand. The Washington Post actually dug up more lawyers inside Obamaminejad’s Department of “Justice” who assured us that the civil rights of White voters were not of interest, and the situation continues as such.

There was a party at Breitbart, celebrating that the Post had actually done a good bit of investigative journalism, just as in the old days.

From the Washington Post, regarding the Black Panther Case at the Dept. of Justice:

“In the months after the case ended, tensions persisted. A new supervisor, Julie Fernandes, arrived to oversee the voting section, and Coates testified that she told attorneys at a September 2009 lunch that the Obama administration was interested in filing cases – under a key voting rights section – only on behalf of minorities.

“Everyone in the room understood exactly what she meant,” Coates said. “No more cases like the Ike Brown or New Black Panther Party cases.”

Fernandes declined to comment through a department spokeswoman.”

Eric Holder might get hot under the arms if more of you read Pharmer’s links, and get fired up to Vote.
Catch some great VIDEO for us on November 2. We’ll be watching for it, and would be happy to help spread it around.