Two Pimps Get Only 10 Years for Sex Trafficking of Minor Slaves

Malcolm Jamal Allen and 23-year-old Devon Sutton get only ten years jail time for their part in trafficking minor girls forced into sex slavery by gangs in Oceanside, San Diego County.
Most of the girls were runaways, forced into prostitution with customers found on social media such as Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter.
Potential sex customers who use these social media to buy this kind of “entertainment” should bear in mind that they are making use of slaves, not women who elect to work as prostitutes.
A longer news feature makes mention of the time it takes to build a case against a sex trafficking ring and the suffering and shame endured by the captives during the many months of investigation.
This particular ring, involving cooperative street gangs, operated a mobile operation which required over 18 months of investigation to make a case sufficiently strong to arrest the pimps. Sex slaves were rescued at various points during the investigation, but many felt too much fear or shame to be easily removed from the control of their pimps.
The burning social question is ‘why do these perpetrators get such short prison sentences?’. The above mentioned Allen and Sutton will be back out in their early thirties to pick up this, or a related trade again.