‘Lesbos Residents are the only Real Lesbians’

A lawsuit from residents of the Island of Lesbos has been filed in protest of misuse of the word Lesbian. Three citizens decry the misuse of this term to designate certain females who have no relationship to the Island. The suit against the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (GGLU), states that the citizens have suffered “psychological and moral rape” due to the improper application of the term “lesbian”. Giving credit where credit is due.. read up HERE

Buns in the bathroom

And I don’t mean those kind of buns.
I’m talking about a fast food restaurant in Florida storing it’s buns (as in bread material) in the mens room, 12 inches from the commode, stacked to the ceiling.

E. Coli!

That wins this morning’s award for nastiness.

I’m telling on them too :
“Employees at the Checkers store on South French Avenue at West 15th Street” (Sanford, Florida area) “apparently decided it was okay to store buns for their hamburgers inside a not-so-clean men’s room”.

South Dakota Abortion Ban 2nd round

Pretty many prolifers oppose abortion bans which have exceptions for health or life of the mother and incest or rape.
The reasoning, which is logical, is that these laws seem to state that it’s OK to kill some kids prior to birth.

The South Dakota ban as designed now, has clearly defined exceptions. Knowing that the abortions aren’t really done to save the life of the mother, or to preserve her health, this law will require full reporting to account for the so called medical benefits of an abortion. (It could serve to prove that there are none.). Also all of the rapes and incest will have to be reported (a new thing in actual practice, for abortionists) and DNA evidence will have to be collected. There is a 10 year penalty for abortionists who don’t comply.

This Ban, as currently defined, will be a nearly total ban for South Dakota. My bet is that all the child rapists will be heading out of state with their underage sex-slaves. Unfortunately they have a haven in KS, protected by Governor Sebelius.
Have you ever wondered why that woman is so programmed to defend sexual abuse, and abortion?

Little girls growing up fast —

It’s just a normal part of a pre-adolescent’s life I guess. One day it’s barbie dolls and the next day it’s boinking and abortions

” Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service abortion business said people like Knight need to “stop being shocked” by the fact that pre-teen girls have sex and abortions.”

So take a look at a few UK abortion statistics: most specifically the abortions on 12 year old girls.

If a girl is below the age of consent for sex, then what about the age of consent for killing her kid before birth?
Be sure to check out the parental notification laws concerning abortion in your own locality. The disparity between that, and the inability to take Tylenol for a headache at school is eye opening.

Rev Wright is on the loose

Obama can’t keep a lid on his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. The Rev. is on a whirlwind tour to embarrass the leading democrat candidate further. Newt Gingrich theorizes that Wright is hurting Obama intentionally. I’m trying to decide if the effort is because Obama threw Wright under the bus with his Grandma, or if Wright has some idea of generating some racial discord, fueled by Obama failing in the primaries.
PM update — from Obama today ““Obviously whatever relationship that I had with Reverend Wright has changed as a consequence of this,” Obama said today. “I don’t think that he showed much concern for me; I don’t think he showed much concern for what we’re trying to do.

I don’t think Obama’s going to be able to put a cork in Rev. Wright, unless maybe a large sum of money would do it…….. Those posh gated communities are definitely high rent.

Another reason that might contribute to a desire to boycott the olympics is that many of the kids remaining in China (after the sex selection abortions), are being sold into slavery.
There is a slave trade going on in every country, but China is a place which should have become more civilized by now, but hasn’t. One thing that interested me about the Reuters story linked above, is that some kids didn’t want to leave with the rescuers, because their parents had sold them into slavery.

moooooo Cop Loves Cows

A police officer in Moorestown, NJ is has been charged with a number of crimes, including abusing underage girls, and cruelty to animals. Don’t know how the Cows in Officer Melia’s life view this, but I think that some people shouldn’t be allowed near a farm.
As for pervs who abuse kids, lock ’em up and throw away the key.
From the memory division……. this conjures up the horse ummm…. not Whisperer….. something else, Kenneth Pinyan.
Your rural dwelling pharmacist is feeling the urge to toss cookies now.

Do you support embryonic stem cell research?

I’m talking about the kind in which an embryo is killed to obtain cells for research. And we can include killing to obtain fetal tissue in this subset too. It happens.
I exclude umbilical cord and adult stem cell use which isn’t a problem, since killing a human organism isn’t done to obtain those.

If you have a problem with killing very young humans for research and transplant, here’s a resource for learning which research organizations support or fund the practice. Check each one’s actual position statement to decide if you want to keep supporting the organization.

I, for one have chosen to avoid supporting any medical research (sad because I work in health care), because it’s a full time job to determine if the organizations have involved themselves in killing humans for their tissue. My charity bucks are going towards efforts which exclude any killing. But if you have a good deal of time for investigating your favorite research organizations for alignment with your own sense of right and wrong, go for it.

Blind homeowner apprehends burglar

An intruder got a big surprise when he entered this Indianapolis home. He was greeted by the homeowner, Mr. Kieta, who was off work that day. It didn’t seem to matter much that the homeowner can’t see, either. Kieta beat up the unwanted visitor and, though it took multiple tries, he dialed 911 while holding the guy at knifepoint in his kitchen. Yeah, I’m impressed. Read all about it. More burglars need that kind of greeting.