Obama Quits Church

What comes first?? Your faith or a run for the president. Obama decided, (no big surprise) that his campaign trumps his religion.

The comments by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the visiting Rev Pfleger ( a renegade Catholic priest) and, and the newer pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Otis Moss, though they represent nothing new, have proven to be too much for public consumption.

Another official reason for leaving is the excess of media coverage visited upon the church and its members. Perhaps the public notice that this non-profit institution is doing things that other non profits are not permitted to do, might also be a driving force.

It’s all for the public “good”………. Obama has quit his church.

Teacher gets kids to vote kindergartener out of class.

This one is hard to report, because there’s no way to convey what led up to what this teacher did.

Seems that a kindergarten kid with significant behavior problems was sent to the principal’s office for one more of apparently frequent visits. When he came back to class, his teacher had him stand up front and allowed the remaining kids tell the boy what they disliked about him. Then, teach had the kids decide if the boy should remain in class. The decision was 14/2 to vote the kid out of the classroom.
I’d recommend that you read the article for yourself.

This situation is pretty sad. I don’t know what to think because the full story certainly isn’t being conveyed. It appears to be a case of inappropriately mainstreaming a kid with developmental difficulties.

The trouble is that the article leaves out a good deal of information.
It’s true that teachers have little ability to control the classroom behavior problems, and a great fear of exerting discipline. Also people with not a great deal of training in special ed often are dealing with special needs students, along with those equipped for learning in the usual environment. So I bet the teacher was driven nuts by this kid.

However, her experiment in exerting social pressure to solve a behavior problem probably broke that little boy. Also it conveyed to the rest of the students an ethic that ganging up on one class member is OK, and encouraged. So I think she’s managed to screw up a bunch of kids to varying degrees. She might need to consider a different career.

No, I don’t think the mom ought to pursue a plan sue the school and the teacher in this case, unless she sues herself too. Seems that no one really knew what to do with her 5 year old boy. I think mom ought to spend her energy helping her kid to find the appropriate environment for his social training and education.

I never liked the premise of that Survivor show, so it only got about 15 total minutes of my time. I like it even less now……..

‘Houston – We Have a Problem’

What’s the worst thing to happen on a space mission? The toilet craps out. Yep, they have issues at the space station. The liquid waste collection system of the toilet has broken down, and the astronauts are using the limited capacity facility on the Soyuz capsule while they await parts to repair the main throne of the space station.

Imagines floating yellow droplets…. everywhere… Best wishes to the intrepid crew for a speedy repair.

Physician’ Careers Halted by Sex Abuse Convictions

lifenews.com — A media sensation has been generated by news of sexually abusive clergymen. The significant problem of abusive physicians has produced not even a ripple. Rashid Sandhu faces 8 years for his offenses in the U.K. Linked to this story are several more cases of note among those practicing the specialty of abortion.

Sandhu himself is convicted of molesting a thirteen year old patient, and 17 charges related to child pornography.

Just a side comment from your blogger. Some people think that abortion is a solution for rape.

Note that most sex offenders do not have ready access to anaesthetic , sedative, or hypnotic pharmacological substances as this class of physicians does. This has been a significant social problem for a long time, and your mainstream media exhibits little interest in it.

Another link of interest

TAXES Paying for Rich Kids’ birth control pills

You really need to know that your federal government thinks you should pay taxes to subsidize the birth control pills for college students.

I really want all of you hard working tax payers, who could not afford college tuition, to understand that you are expected to buy the BIRTH CONTROL PILLS for those who CAN afford the tuition.

Please bear this in mind as you vote for democratic senators in the fall. This was their bright idea, and it got stuck in an appropriations bill for the Iraqi troops. This isn’t the first time. Planned parenthood also attempted a related addition to the Iraqi war spending bill in Spring of 2007.

Appeals Court:TX had no right to seize polygamists’ kids

The third court of appeals in Austin TX found the case against the Polygamist sect of Latter Day Saints in TX to be invalid. Ruling itself gives lower court judge 10 days to release the kids to their parents. Since the state prosecutors might appeal this decision, it’s not yet known when the kids will be returned to their parents.

Some major points are that the state of Texas didn’t establish that the kids were in imminent danger, and that the entire group should not have been treated as a single family.

Also, forgotten in all the details of this case: No one ever found “Sara” the supposed 16 year old caller, who is now believed not to exist. Instead these calls were traced to Rozita Swinton in Colorado, a 33 year old woman who has a history of making false calls complaining of abuse.
Internet analysis of this woman abounds, as well as this list of Obama delegates bearing her name.

This article addresses the damage done by false reports of crime, in impeding investigations such as this. Since the initial report is bogus, it has the effect of helping to invalidate the entire case. If there were some actual cases of abuse within the LDS sect, those kids have not been helped.

Some statistics in the case: Of the 31 women originally said to be underage mothers, 15 have been reclassified as adults, and one of the women is 27. This kind of thing isn’t helpful in prosecuting future cases concerning abuse of minors.

Sex Change for Kids

Whaddaya know!!! This might reduce the demand for sex selection abortions if people can change their kid’s sex later!

Dr Norman Spack of Boston Children’s Hospital is offering transgender treatment to kids as young as 7 years old.

Nah, I’m not in favor of a kid, still under his parent’s influence, having his sex changed by a doc. Nope. Even assuming the alteration itself were ethical, who would be doing the choosing?

We have parents in the U.S. who can choose to kill a kid for various gratuitous reasons. Offering this sex alteration option to such inhumane people is a major mistake.

Feminist Democrats to Boycott NBC

Couldn’t happen to a nicer network, in my humble opinion.
A women’s group in KY [Clinton Supporters Count Too] has been made upset by the premature and persistent requests for Hillary to give up her fight for the Democratic nomination. They plan a media boycott in protest and ask that Democrats ignore NBC. Watch for this group to develop a campaign against Obama if he wins the nomination.

Surely I’m not going to win friends with reporters in the mainstream media, but it’s been frustrating to try to explain scientific and medical issues to them, only to see output which shows they couldn’t understand 8th grade level concepts. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but it’s scary to comtemplate the bulk of journalists who bring news to the public. I recommend seeking out your own information sources on the internet, and turning off your television, which constitutes the worst of the news reporting overall.

As for NBC, I began refusing interviews with this network early on. NBC offers bumper sticker news, and you’ll get little but ideology and slogans from them, as empty and vacuous as Obama’s promises of “change”.

Some advice for those who are interviews for television news…. go for the live interview only. If you have a choice between radio and television, in the same time slot, go for radio.

TX Nurse loses her offspring

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case brought by TX nurse Augusta Roman. For five years after their divorce, Ms. Roman sought to implant embryos produced from her oocytes and her estranged husbands sperm. Her former husband, Randy Roman intervened to prevent this from taking place.

A quick look at this article might make people reconsider a decision to go forward with in vitro fertilization. Even outside of the ethical problems with ending the lives of the embryos, What a Mess!.

The sad thing is that adoption has likewise been made into such a legal quagmire that has created this demand for in vitro fertilization.