5 Olympic Athletes fail the Chinese Sex Test

He’s a she, and she’s a he, and sometimes it’s hard to determine. A fair number of kids are born with ambiguous sex characteristics due a variety of causes, ranging from nondisjunction events to hormone use by the mom. Caught up in the screening for athletes who cheat by using steroids, are the people who naturally have characteristics of both sexes, chromosomally, hormonally or externally.
Interestingly only those athletes performing as female have been screened. (Maybe the male athletes competing in shooting matches, for example, also be screened since women are naturally better shots.)

Some of the past Olympic athletes of ambiguous sex are enumerated in this story .

Note that the term sex is used here, to denote the usual human dimorphism, (and rare polymorphism) , rather than gender, which is a social or a grammatical term.

Ionce family celebrates 18th baby in Canada

Alexandru and Livia Ionce have given birth to baby number 18, a little girl, on July 26th. Little Abigail brings the tally to 10 girls and 8 boys. Estrogen team is ahead by 2.

My admiration goes the family for their faith, and for helping to offset the negative population growth in the industrialized world.

A timeless quote from the dad, an immigrant from Romania:

“We never planned how many children to have,” he said. “We just let God guide our lives, you know, because we strongly believe life comes from God and that’s the reason we did not stop the life.

“We let life come.”

Flash of Lucidity for Bill Clinton

Often the ravages of aging bring about positive results. Take for example Bill Clinton. His coronary artery disease, for example has likely disabled one part of him sufficiently to divert blood supply to his brain. This has allowed some flashes of lucidity, so the Bill Clinton has noticed what the other side has been up to for a long time.

In a recent speech to the National Governors’ Association, Bill Clinton noted that Americans are becoming increasingly polarized to the extent that they wish not to live with people vehemently opposed to their own ideology.

Of the primary race with Mrs Clinton and Obama as candidates: “This achievement was overshadowed by a growing distance between Americans, said Clinton.”

“Underneath this apparent accommodation to our diversity, we are in fact hunkering down in communities of like-mindedness, and it affects our ability to manage difference,” Clinton said.

Clinton developed his 44-minute speech from themes he said he drew from a new book, “The Big Sort,” by Bill Bishop.” —- Fox News, Sat, July 12.

Yep, a Liberal wakes up and smells the coffee. Any Conservative who mingles with the other side knows that one wouldn’t enjoy living with people who have no respect for the Natural Law. Who needs the added trouble? It’s easier to not always have to watch one’s back in private life and social circumstances.

With the increasing polarization there will be alterations in the flow of economic resources. My guess is that the conservatives will survive and succeed.

Jessie Jackson foot in mouth disease

The Rev. Jessie Jackson has topped his ancient “hymietown” verbal gaffe.
I feel a song about this coming on……..

You tube brings you Jackson himself, saying that he’d like to castrate Obama.
Seems he took personal Affront at Obama’s father’s day speech, which admonished men to remain with their families and support their children.

In stark contrast to Rev. Jackson, Pastor James David Manning recognizes this trouble (much of it fueled by government incentives) that 68 percent of Black guys are leaving their children behind, and failing to pay child support. In stark contrast to Jeremiah Wright, Pastor Manning prays for Black people to raise themselves up, reject the government intervention, and be a blessing to America. That’s talking people UP, not talking down to them.

In 180 degree opposition to white liberals, Pastor Manning recognizes that Black people can take care of themselves, and don’t need the government for that.

A person with humility will go to his church, and accept being preached at for his faults, because it makes him behave better. Sometimes the preaching makes him mad, but he keeps going, because he wants to improve himself. He recognizes his imperfections and accepts correction.

Jackson has displayed a glaring ego defect. This is a personal issue. He can’t accept criticism or correction.

Science politicized

As a former research scientist, the more blatant mixing of politics and science is a very sad thing for me.
The global warming issue is one example. Those who wish to advance in the field of meteorology must tow the line and espouse this unsupported religious belief that mankind is influencing the climate of the Earth.

This article bemoans the censorship which has characterized formerly respected journals in recent years.

Here’s a repeat of the big long list 31 thousand scientists who don’t agree with the Algore-ism (global warming religion)

there is no WMD, there is no WMD

There was no WMD in Iraq……. the liberals said…….. and no yellowcake (concentrated natural uranium).
Iraq had no interest in that stuff. NOOOO way. Saddam was only blowing hot air.
Canada bought tons and tons of this “no Yellowcake” from Iraq and the shipment is now complete.

But it doesn’t exist!!! Shut your eyes. Iraq never had any interest in that stuff.

Anyway, the portion of U.S. citizens who have a clue, are happier with the stuff firing Canadian nuclear power plants than they were when it was in Iraq, with plans to use it in a nuclear weapons program.

UK sex ed for four year olds

It’s vitally important that four year olds learn how to have sex without getting pregnant. The rate of unplanned pregnancy in the UK is precipitously high, with UK becoming known as the abortion capital of Europe.

The Family Planning Association, and Brook, both registered charities in the UK purport that the government isn’t putting forth sufficient effort to educate kids about sex.
So look for this “solution” of making sure that pre school age kids learn these procedures early. It’s much more significant for kids, (prior to the age of reason) than the time spent on learning to read, write and do the maths.