Obama Pays for Health Care!

This amazing Obama quote is from the first debate with McCain, Sept 26, 08. It appears that Obama has lost his mind. He really thinks that HE provides!

OBAMA: “I — I don’t know where John is getting his figures. Let’s just be clear. What I do is I close corporate loopholes, stop providing tax cuts to corporations that are shipping jobs overseas so that we’re giving tax breaks to companies that are investing here in the United States. I make sure that we have a health care system that allows for everyone to have basic coverage.

I think those are pretty important priorities. And I pay for every dime of it.

But let’s go back to the original point. John, nobody is denying that $18 billion is important. And, absolutely, we need earmark reform. And when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.”

End Quote.

Ummmmm, Junior Senator Obama, congress might do a little of this, but not if it’s full of leftists like yourself. You already showed us that with your record.

A few more comments on the debate: Obama assured us that John McCain is right, nine times during the debate. Obama appeared to be having an epiphany on both financial and security issues on Friday night. Referring to McCain informally by his first name, Obama was unable to get it right, sometimes calling McCain “Tom” or “Jim” Moving away from the teleprompter apparently is stressful. In contrast, McCain persistently referred to his opponent as “Senator Obama”, and had no confusion about his identity. His foriegn policy experience was made more apparent, and he exhorted the audience repeatedly to take note of their respective voting records.

Insurance entrepreneur runs prolife ads

If you’re prolife, in the states of OH, IN, KY, check out Paul Johnson Insurance for your personal needs. Why shop with this guy? He’s taken the personal and business risk of running prolife ads on radio, and is currently producing You Tube video of the same ads.

Visit Paul Johnson’s website to hear and download his prolife and pro-America ads. Since they don’t mention any candidates, they can be played in churches and other in non profit institutions.

My suggestion for prolifers is to preferentially do business with like minded people. Think about it.

If you’re wondering why I’m runnng a little ad for Paul Johnson in my blog, it’s because I heard his prolife ads on local radio, and thought that I ought to boost a businessman who displays this much courage.

Shutting down Catholic Hospitals?

News from Victoria, Australia is that Archbishop Dennis Hart is threatening to close down the emergency rooms and maternity wards of 15 Catholic hospitals if a controversial abortion bill is passed by state government.

One third of Victoria’s births occur at these Catholic hospitals, so closing those maternity wards would make a significant impact. More immediate would be the troubles ensuing from closure of the emergency departments.

This move by the Archbishop is causing reconsideration of the abortion legislation which would coerce participation by health care providers in abortion practices.

One wonders how many of the U.S. Bishops would stand up in a similar manner to this kind of legislation.

BornAliveTruth.org off to a Big Start.

I took part in a teleconference Tuesday night, put on by the 527 organization, BornAliveTruth.org, featuring Jill Stanek, RN, and Gianna Jessen, a courageously outspoken woman, who survived a saline abortion. Gianna has been furiously busy as of late, due to her ad requesting that Obama support protection for infants who survive abortion. This ad highlights Obama’s hard work in preventing the passage of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act in the state of Illinois while he served as legislator.

This organization is requestion donations now, since the short window of time to use mainstream media in educating the public about infanticide in the U.S. only exists during the election season.

Full documentation of Obama’s work to suppress the protection for infants born alive after abortion attempts, and the circumstances of Gianna Jessen exists at the new website of BornAliveTruth.org. Please visit, and consider contributing to help them run some more ads during the next 40 days. Be sure to check out the response to the first Gianna ad. It has driven the Obama camp nutz, and their response has drawn attention to this effort from all over the world.

Fifth Grader Suspended for Anti Obama T Shirt

Congratulations to fifth grader Daxx Dalton, a true conservative who already kicks butt at his tender age. The students at his Aurora, CO school were invited to wear red white and blue to show their patriotism. He made up a shirt which, following the color motif, bore the message “Obama, a terrorist’s best friend”. He was given the choice to change, turn the shirt inside out, or be suspended. Upholding his right to free speech, Daxx chose suspension.

He’s being backed up by his father, who intends to file suit to protect the right of free speech in public schools.

I’d like to introduce the liberal education establishment to their future. It’s not gonna be easy. Conservative is the new way to rebel.

Gang Rape, the New Crucifixion for Prolife Feminists

Adding evidence to the theory that child abuse creates liberals, Sandra Bernhard, in her performance at Theater J, spews extreme venom at Sarah Palin.
Apparently she’s found Palin’s religious adherence to be extremely offensive. She calls Palin a whore, bitch and turncoat, (most likely for letting those two babies live, and for opposing such killing).

It’s a new day. Berhhard expects that her Black brothers in Manhattin would gang rape the VP candidate. No, she didn’t say “brothers”, she said “Black brothers”, as though they are the ones to handle such a job. (Why any Blacks have been supporting the liberals who hold them in such contempt is beyond me.)

Should people who think like that be running the country? After you read the liberal media raving about Bernhards rage filled performance, you’ll understand this question.

The culture wars are alive and well. Bill Clinton’s observation that people will opt to live among others who think like themselves is correct, and it is obviously becoming necessary.

P.Z. Myers, it’s all about YOU. ;-)

It appears that Prolife pharmacist and PFLI spokesman Mike Koelzer has crossed paths with the very liberal
Associate Professor of Biology, P.Z. Myers. Apparently Mike’s big offense was to show (by offering to make a presentation at Myer’s place of worship) that he didn’t (according to Myers) “know me very well“.
For this grave insult of not recognizing the renown of Myers, small hordes of Myers’ Atheist Acolytes were sent to Mike’s pharmacy survey page to heap spam onto the website of his business. This caused Mike a bit of tedium, from a need to manage the spam, and caused me considerable amusement to hear of it.

Myers, a rather bellicose fellow, apparently in midlife crisis, is known more for obtaining a Blessed Eucharistic Host from a Catholic Church, and desecrating it, than he is for accomplishments in scientific research. A brief search for his work in Biology turned up……. well, ….. next to nothing. I understand that he has one or two peer reviewed journal articles, and a little collection of conference presentations to his name. If you search the net, you’ll find Associate Professor Myers now bending the ears of students at University of Minnesota, Morris Campus.

It appears that when this P.Z. Myers passes on to become fertilizer (as his own religion might suggest) he won’t be remembered for actual accomplishments, and may be recalled by a few for attempting to anger Catholics and other people with a vision of the Creator.

I do sincerely invite P.Z. Myers to get a life, to obtain access to the Creator through the illumination of the Catholic Religion, and perhaps accomplish some significant scientific research.

Science becomes a very useful tool, for the good of living creatures, when one stops abusing it as a religion.

Stealing Milk

Alright, this is weird cuisine.

I don’t have trouble with the free market, but a chef in Switzerland is supposedly offering a measly 6 bucks per pint of human breast milk to use in his cooking. He’s trying to buy liquid gold for a little bit of nothing.

In the industrialized countries, that’s a puny price for the milk. What lactating woman is going to run a pump for that price? Do you know how much it costs to rent an electric pump? The thought of using a manual pump makes that 6 bucks look even more ridiculous.

A lot of moms whose babies tragically don’t survive, donate their breast milk to hospitals to feed the kids still hanging on. I can certainly understand taking the time to do that, rather than selling cheap to that chef.

For you girls who have enough for the chef and your kid… that cheap cook gets the fore milk and your kid gets the hind milk. Save the cream for your baby.