Caroline Kennedy’s real reason for not getting Hillary’s Senate Seat.

Yup……. another scandal brewing. But the news has had crossed eyes over this story, unable to decide if Caroline Kennedy was in or out of Patterson’s view, to replace Hillary.

‘It’s personal’, said the NY Post, and each media source has its own version of what went on. Did the departure have to do with her concern over Teddy Kennedy’s latest seizure, or did it have to do with her nanny, whom some have said is not here legally, and the complicated workers compensation issue? Some cite marriage difficulties with hubby Ed Schlossberg, which Caroline Kennedy is said to have denied. Gossip columns have linked Ms. Kennedy with Arthur Sutzberger, NY Time publisher, and some conjecture appears at the Pat Dollard Blog.

Prospective Secretary of Treasury – dodging taxes

Here’s a little more from Bloomberg regarding the failure of Timothy Geithner, (Obama’s pick for Secretary of the Treasury) to properly file and pay his taxes.

You’ll have no chance of seeing this in the general media, so grab it up and pass it on. The rules which apply to us are not applicable to those chosen to lead us. They simply have no respect for the rule of law.

Trying to squeeze out of as many taxes as possible is good sport, and expected of the business-savvy types. But once the IRS tells them they’ve come up short, the usual American businessman would cough up the money. But not Timothy Geithner. He’s above the rest of us. He didn’t cover the full sum of social security taxes until he was aware of being picked for Obama’s cabinet.

Going over his taxes further reveals some more irregularities, and Tom Blumer of News Busters and Bizzy Blog gives a readable analysis. Apparently Geithner deducted from his taxes for overnight summercamp, which does not fall under the child care tax credit. When warned of this by his accountant, he refused to make amendments. In addition he failed to pay the tax penalty on retirement funds which he withdrew. (Why would this ‘highly skilled financier’ need to dip into his retirement funds??) Answer: he isn’t really that good.

Yep, Obama’s got another dud, a shining example for whom the usual laws and penalties do not apply, which will further demotivate independent American businessmen from full participation in IRS festivities every April 15th. (Review, for comparison, the social fallout from the Clinton/Lewinski sex education program.)

The Shrinking Newsmags

Everyone else is doing the inauguration, so I’m not.

However some of the Fallout is here. The Washington Post gives a most kind and gentle analysis of the SHRINKAGE of Time and Newsweek Magazines, and the reduction of U.S News and World Report to a monthly website.

There aren’t enough Lefties who read, to sustain these magazines. They’re wasting away, internal morale is in the septic tank, and we don’t need ’em anymore.
A Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, has infused 250 million into the NY Times and now has 17 percent control of what remains.

Also in the WaPo is another kind analysis as to why some of the inaugural balls are not well attended, tickets being sold at discount, and why some are actually being canceled, such as (no surprise), the Veterans Ball at the St. Regis hotel. Betcha that would have been a no show from the Obamas.

You Might Wish to AVOID this DC Hotel…

….. because some activities planned to be held on the premises may leave unsavory secretions and residues in the hotel rooms.

On this weekend, prior to the inauguration, festivities called the (MAL) Mid Atlantic Leather Maneuvers, are being held at the Doubletree by a sadomasochistic group, and this has gotten the Americans for Truth in a tizzy.

Don’t view this link unless you are unfazed by graphic descriptions of extreme left-recreation.

The squeamish, who wish not to rent a room after extremely odd activities have taken place there, might wish to avoid this DC Hotel.

Doubletree Hotel Washington, 1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW, just blocks from the White house. 202-232-7000, or 800 492-5195, owned by Hilton hotels 310-278-4321. The management claims that while the reservations have been made, they had no idea of the activities planned by the MAL group.

Prominent Ohio "Catholic Democrat" Leader busted on prostitution charges

Eric McFadden is known for Heading up Ohio Governor Strickland’s, Faith Based Initiatives office , and for his leadership of Catholics for Faithful Citizenship, and for his support of Hillary, Kerry, Obama, et al.

He’s also in the news now, for promoting prostitution in his home town of Columbus Ohio, and for pandering obscenity involving a minor.

This story will not be available from the mainstream media because it is NOT news. It’s usual and normal for Democrats to be involved in this type of activity. However, if a Republican is caught in this kind of activity it’s bigger news than a large plane or train wreck.

So, catch the details and for fun, check to see how much play this story has in y
our news sources.

The Columbus OH Dispatch paper lets us know that the lucky Mrs. McFadden lost her car to police impoundment, because her hubby used it as a backdrop for promotional pics of a 17 year old prostitute.

McFadden considered his outreach in promoting the Democratic politicians to to be “a voice to Catholics so they can stand up and say, ‘I am a Catholic Democrat, and I’m proud and these are the principles that I believe in.’”

Well, OK…………….something to believe in. The democrat party has long been too full of kink for a compliant Catholic.

Raccoon- Shame to Waste!

This story is more fun than Obama’s new pick for Treasury secretary, who apparently does not know how to file his taxes, nor what to do when the IRS informs him about his oversight.

On to Raccoon, the latest culinary rage…

If you need a little more excitement in your life than venison, and don’t mind soaking your meat in brine overnight, boiling it forever, then putting it out on the barbie, you might like raccoon.

Get the animals which have been trapped, however. Forget the road kill. Squishing the guts and scent glands won’t be good for the flavor of the meat.

The author of the reference, linked above, quotes assurances that the meat is healthy, and that the problem of raccoons being a reservoir for rabies is an isolated East Coast phenomenon.

As far as game goes, it seems that raccoon carcasses are fairly reasonable in price. One must be tolerant of the single remaining paw on the body, left as proof that it’s not a cat or dog.

This author really appreciated the cooking tips, since we have an over-abundance of raccoon Down on the Pharm. I’m needing good recipes for possum too, which exist here- in equal proportion to the raccoon.

Comments or advice?

Woman told to have MRI done at the Zoo

A five foot, 275lb woman claims that she was advised at her hospital to try the Kansas City Zoo for her MRI, because she couldn’t fit in their apparatus.

After much searching and embarrassment, she finally located open sided equipment which would accomodate her girth, and allow scanning of a spinal injury.

“They should have machines that fit most everybody”, she said.


They should have people who fit most MRI apparatus.

Mom who killed baby girl is allowed partial custody of the twin brother.

Yes, Canada’s demented child welfare and justice system allows this woman to be with this defenseless infant three days per week, AFTER she KILLED his SISTER. The U.S. system really is not reliably different.

If you are normal, this will cause nausea: The “mom” delivered a little girl, cut the cord, stuffed her into a plastic bag and left the baby to die in the trunk of her car. She then went to the hospital three days later with abdominal pain and delivered the girl’s twin brother there. The docs discovered a second cord connection on the placenta. This induced a search for the missing sibling which revealed the dead baby girl curled in a bag in the trunk of “mom’s” car.

Another blogger is noting that selective reduction of siblings in the womb (killing one or more of multiple human fetuses) is fine, according to the law.
Perhaps the court sees this fact and finds that it’s OK for the little baby boy to be left with the mother who murdered his sister.

Fortunately this blogger and the reporter who submitted the story are sufficiently shocked for me to know that some normal people remain in Canada.