Mom Beats Sex Offender with Baseball Bat

Way to go MOM!

The politically correct thing to say is that Tammy Gibson shouldn’t have taken justice into her own hands.
Unfortunately, too many of our judges and juries have too much in common with the child molesters and sex perverts.
With the sex offenders being released into neighborhoods full of kids, there is a natural impulse for defensive action.

Ms. Gibson recognized William Baldwin’s picture on a sex offender alert flyer as a man who chatted with her 10 year old daughter previously. The daughter said that he tried to offer her fireworks, but she refused. Mom paid a visit to the Tacoma residence of Baldwin’s uncle, asked for Baldwin, and proceeded to beat him mercilessly with a baseball bat.

For this effort, Ms. Gibson will get 3 months in jail. Her effort was effective in causing Baldwin to move out of the neighborhood to Seattle, where he might feel more at home.

It might be possible to find Ms Tammy Gibson in Tacoma WA, and see if her family needs financial assistance while she is in jail.

Who Loves the DEAD in Cincinnati

Google analytics establishes firmly that reporting on the Jerry Springerisms of Life is the bulk of what bring hits from their search engine to my blog.

So I will shamelessly feature some of this naaaaastayyyyy News in order to haul people in here for the politics news and pro life news which can’t easily be found in the usual media.

Check out the necrophiliac night attendant at the Hamilton County morgue. He didn’t help out the reputation of the public servants in forensic medicine.

Seems that one Kenneth Douglas has been partying with drugs, alcohol, and dead women at work. He’s long been paying criminal penalties for his malfeasance, however new evidence from vaginal swabs of various crime victims has revealedhis DNA in at least two more victims, one of them, a pregnant woman who had been strangled to death.

This crime has maxed out the nausea- meter of county prosecuter Charles Deters, who is quoted as follows: “This guy’s just a pig. I can’t explain why someone would do something like this. … This is off-the-charts weird.”

Certainly it earns a 10 on the Springer scale, named after that former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio (the metropolitan locale of this story).

Why Time Mag and Washington Post Profits are waaay down.

I don’t have to do the work…… Jill put together a nice piece on the pro abortion efforts to counteract the “fight FOCA” campaign.

Particularly featured are attacks on the Catholics for efforts to turn back this legislation, as well the above mentioned media denials that Obama has intentions to force Americans into complicity with his killing agenda.

FOCA is a bill which Obama cosponsored in his previous senatorial position. Attached to THIS ARTICLE is the video of Obama, speaking at a Planned Parenthood function, and promising to sign FOCA as one of his first presidential acts. Also linked is the media spin, which consists of FOCA denial. There’s an attempt to erase the memory of legislation which the American public is obviously not ready to swallow even from the Obamanator.

Stay tuned for the alerts on FOCA fragments. Like the immigration reform which was rejected by the people during the last term of congress, The so called “freedom of choice act”….. (bringing us an increase in coerced abortions and complicity for all), will be cut up into smaller fragments and surreptitiously processed through the federal government apparatus.

No toilet paper – recycle your heinie wipes

This is better than the one square toilet paper conservation effort of Sheryl Crow.

Buy your recyclable heinie wipes here. Forget about the cost of cleaning these things if people bother to do so properly.

Like many recycling ideas, the energy cost will exceed the savings if proper sanitation is carried out.

Beware of products with stain concealing color and prints. 😉 At least the cloth diapers were white, so you had some idea if they were cleaned well or not. Also babies have considerably less liability of incurable diseases down there….

Should “green” bathroom facilities have a warning notice outside? “No toilet paper here”.

POTLUCK parties are going to have a new dimension. BRING YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER!

Way to go MSNBC

Do check out this really professional job introducing the republican speaker answering Obama’s address to the nation Tuesday night.

UPDATE: Chris Matthews lamely explains his gaffe:
“I was taken aback by that peculiar stagecraft, the walking from somewhere in the back of this narrow hall, the winding staircase looming there, the odd antibellum look of the scene,” Matthews said in a script for his “Hardball” show on Wednesday. “Was this some mimicking of a president walking along the state floor to the East Room?”

San Francisco Chronicle among papers going Bust

Hearst Publishing will either dump or close the San Francisco Chronicle. This paper joins a growing list of publications entering the dumper. Hearst acquired the SF newspaper in 2000, and the liability has grown too much to bear.

The unreliability of these publications is usually not mentioned as a reason for the declining popularity. The most popular excuse is the burgeoning internet competition.

Just this past weekend, the company holding the Philadelphia Inquirer has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. Owners of the Los Angeles Times and the Minneapolis Star Tribune have done the same, due to severe decreases in advertising revenue. Why do the advertisers leave???? Because people aren’t reading those papers anymore!

Washington Post profits for last quarter show a 72 drop from the same quarter last year. The 1.8 million uptick in internet revenue was not nearly enough to compensate for the 28 million dollar drop from the print media. The Post already announced closure of a plant in Maryland to save money.

Soldier will go through Court Martial in Challenging Obama

Lt. Scott Easterling is challenging Obama’s eligibility as commander in chief, and joining a lawsuit as a plaintiff, demanding that Obama show proof of his citizenship. Easterling joined the army at age 40, after working as a contractor in Iraq, completed officers’ training and redeployed in that same country.

The 40 year old army officer feels bound by his oath to protect the constitution of the U.S. to make this challenge, and will be joining as one of the many plaintiffs challenging Obama in court.

Visit the WND site for an update on the lawsuits challenging Obama, and for further details of Lt. Easterling’s case.

Pharmer Predictions Dept sees a draft coming.

Why the Dems only Blow Gas about War Crimes

It seems that the detainees at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan are not to be accorded Constitutional rights as are citizens of the U.S. . Adopting a policy more like that of the Bush administration is causing consternation among the human rights lawyers who were expecting “hope and change” from the Obama administration and a revolving door system of justice for the terrorists.

Somehow the administration sees a difference between the privileges accorded to terrorists based upon their location, with the Guantanamo prisoners being more privileged due to proximity.

Alan Keyes needs no Teleprompter

If this guy had been elected president:
1) he would have been the first Black president (Obama is really no more Black than Bill Clinton)
2) there would be a sane man in office
3) we would not be in the hole for a gigantic porkulus package
4) we would not be losing our free speech, our health care system, and our freedom of conscience

the hypnotic obamanator

This is pretty interesting stuff. Salesmen use it, the Moonies used it, and certainly Obama and his media drones used it. Blow up your TV.
The reason I couldn’t be hypnotized by Obamanator is because he was too &^$# BORING! 😀