Sex Texting Your Kid


Your kid can get free sex advice from an anonymous adult via the cell phone.

I guess this is one more reason to take care of your kids’ sex ed yourself. If you’re uncomfortable broaching this topic with your own children, guess what! There are a cadre of adults who are more than happy to address this topic with them, and perhaps in ways you might not approve.

Seems that the “Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign” has board members who also run Planned Parenthood “how do do it ” educational campaigns. So if you have trouble with one of PP’s finest teaching your kid how to “take care down there” with various barriers and/or small appliances, then keep a sharp eye out.

Don’t forget to teach you kids the Normal, before someone else fills their head with the kink & sick stuff. There’s nothing more nauseating than thinking of Planned Parenthood’s abortion marketeers advertising to your kid on the cell phone you purchased to keep them safer.

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Yes I’m still watching Notre Dame

And it appears that some of the seniors will be attending an alternate ceremony instead of what would have been their graduation ceremony. Hat’s off to them!!

Here’s a video which invites more to do the same.

Sex based abortions legal in Sweden

A woman in Eskilstuna, southern Sweden had asked to know the sex of her unborn children before aborting on two different occasions. This made even Swedish health care providers squeamish. Asking for guidance on what to do in these instances (giving information on the sex of the chuld without any medical cause), they were told by Swedens Board of Health and Welfare that such requests cannot be refused. Yes, this is a quote:that it is not possible to deny a woman an abortion up to the 18th week of pregnancy, even if the foetus’s gender is the basis for the request.”


Do you know what those big letters mean???

A little Liberal Love

At the Press Club dinner C-Span cameras caught some fun stuff. Mostly it was the press drooling on themselves as Obama spoke.

The tired old Rush Oxycontin jokes were recycled by Wanda Sykes one more time, and Obama laughed –again.

According to Politico’s Glenn Thrush: She concluded with “I hope this country fails?? I hope his kidney fails!”

I’m wondering who got it wrong about the number of kidneys in the body, this reporter or gurl-Sykes?

They hate us for being competent — every time a liberal kills a conservative it qualifies as a “hate crime” 😉

Specter loses rank

It appears that Specter was relying on the Democrats (per a promise from Harry Reid) to retain his rank and seniority as a senator.

This was not to be, as Reid announced a reduction of Specter to more junior status in most of the committees in which he serves.

This might be blamed on Specters comments concerning the contested Minnesota senate race, and the fact that Specter is not agreeing with the party line on every single issue.

concludes that Specter seems to have been betrayed by the party which seduced him.

This author hopes that Specter formally remains a democrat, however. There’s too much advantage conferred on republicans by losing this guy.

What a way to conclude a career, Arlen!

Oh, did I mention? It appears that according to current rules, the republicans could actually filibuster all the judicial nominees of Obama, within the judiciary committee…….. at least for now. Do you think they have the necessary gonadal fortitude for this?

NIH asks for comments on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Rules

Here are mine:

I register protest to the use of my tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research. The limitations set forth in the Federal Register regarding the sources of embryonic stem cells do not address the main point of controversy.

Unlike former President Clinton and Dr. Sanjay Gupta (as demonstrated in their CNN interview: I understand the biological fact that a human embryo is a living human organism.

Human organisms should not be killed purposely and ‘cannibalized’ for research or medical uses.

The politicization of science has caused misdirection of funding and effort towards unethical research in an attempt to justify the common practice of killing humans early in development. There is a desire to pretend that something good could come out of the killing.

Embryonic stem cell research has failed to produce signs of medical usefulness. Transplanting the derivative cells results in tumor production. In contrast, the avenues of stem cell research which do not require destruction of human organisms have yielded considerable success.

I ask that my tax dollars not be wasted in futile attempts to justify the current practice of destroying very young humans gratuitously.

You can look at the summary of the rules, and comment Here.

Specter is as much Fun as Biden

Have you thought of an MRI or CT scan, Arlen?

Here’s the latest golden quote, from the Senator, uncorked, on CBS “Face the Nation:

“Frankly, I was disappointed that the Republican Party didn’t want me as their candidate, “But as a matter of principle, I’m becoming much more comfortable with the Democrats’ approach. And one of the items that I’m working on, Bob, is funding for medical research.”

“If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine.”

OK, this is special: Bob Kemp is dead because the Republicans didn’t fund cancer research enough? How about: the private companies are taxed sufficiently that they chopped out research, (the first part of any pharmaceutical company’s budget to go).

How about: 50 million Americans were aborted surgically, and many more chemically, so that we have to import our labor from countries with less technological development. They have to play catch up, these immigrants do. They’re still beating out the Americans (ruined by Democrat-fostered public education) in the area of new research and discovery.

How about: Arlen’s original, Democrat party funding the embryonic stem cell research, WHICH PRODUCES TUMORS, and simultaneously KILLING the Bush order to fund the adult stem cell research which has produced working treatments?


Obamatrons Worried

Yes, team Obama is feeling concern over The One’s personal security during his trip to Notre Dame to deliver the commencement speach. Seems that they are expecting he might come to harm from viewing the graphic abortion pics on display, and the fly-overs, as well as prolifers gathering there to protest the choice to honor him at Notre Dame.

I doubt that the light plane,dragging prolife signs, will be buzzing the town of South Bend as prominently as Air Force One buzzed New York, nor will it be carrying ordinance, but Obama is apparently receiving some advice not to show up at Notre Dame.

It’s kind of amazing to cause the lefties so much anxiety without doing anything morally wrong, nor harming a hair on their fuzzy little heads. It’s all good fun until Obama’s handlers go paranoid like Chairman Mao or Josef Stalin, and start killing everyone who disagrees with them.