Palin Farewell Speech

Palin’s farewell speech to Alaskans July 26,2009.

How about you stop pretending to be sophisticated, stop letting the Obama-media tell you what to think, and support a NORMAL PERSON!!! for government!!

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When one asks the leftist elitists if they will subject themselves to the same Health-Kill that they plan for us, one obtains no answer or a “no” answer, usually the former. Understand that what they plan for themselves is sustenance at our expense, while they deny to us payment for care, and even the opportunity to pay for our own care.

The government will decide who gets care, and who does not. If you are not in the favor of the leftists, or if you oppose the leftists, you will be denied care. I, for example, will not survive any major illness under the Obama Health-Kill Plan. Many people will sell out their conscience and their principles in order to survive and obtain the necessities of life from the government. I would rather be dead than to do that. I am certain Obama’s system would assist.

People are now discovering what I have known about the leftist plans for the the working class, for these many years, and appear to be surprised and shocked at the blatant, murderous intent of it. When you oppose the government or when you lose your “usefulness” to society, you will be told to die.

Every five years, under Obama Health-kill, the elderly will be given mandatory couseling and encouraged to die. Elderly are useless eaters in the view of leftist elitists, and are not valued for their collection of knowledge nor their acquisition of the Long View.

The disabled, and excess young of minorities will be exterminated under Obama Health-kill. Planned Parenthood provided for, and obtained legal permission for their extermination of minorities program in 1973. Obama promised that this abortion program would be at the heart of his new Health-Kill. To show his sincerity, he has elevated Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm, to health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget, and to the Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research. Crazy Ezekiel believes that Doctors should conserve resources by denying health care to the elderly. (YES, this is what AARP has had in mind for you retirees all along, and it’s why the organization always supported their like-thinking left wing politicians.) Ezekiel Mengele Emanuel also believes that Americans will need to reduce their technological advances in health care. We have too much hope and attachment to life for his tastes, and far too much propensity for assisting the vulnerable and disabled.

Obama has promised Planned Parenthood that their agenda will be at the center of his health care plan, and the text of his campaign speech to their leadership is linked under resources. Stop the Abortion Mandate is a grass roots effort to add specific language to any health care plan to prevent abortion coverage with our tax dollars.
Recently Washington DC received federal funding for abortions there. That City’s 42 percent abortion rate was not considered high enough by the leftists because, in the words of Sen. Dick Durbin, the population is disproportionately Black.

Harry Reid woke up to the impending 2010 election problems he faces, and will postpone the Senate vote on Health-Kill until after the August Recess. He’ll let crazy Caligula Pelosi take the fall for pushing a vote too soon in the house, and he’ll bide his time to see how screwed he’d be in his home state for supporting Obama Health-Kill. You have a little time to load both barrels and blast your senators phones, faxes and web forms. Visit their town hall meetings and give them an earful.


Sign a petition opposing Obama Health-Kill HERE


Remember Obama’s promises to Planned Parenthood during his campaign, full text HERE

Link to Obama’s stated solution of giving a painkiller instead of allowing pacemaker surgery for elderly person in otherwise good health is HERE

Obama would not use his own health care plan, and full text of ABC press conference on Obama-care is HERE

Betsy McCaughey on the Fred Thompson show gives highlights of Obama Health-Kill- HERE


Stop The Abortion Mandate Organizers have gathered together prolife activists in an effort to prevent Obama from turning his health-kill plan into the Planned Parenthood Bailout. On Thurs, July 23, 35875 people gathered to hear a webinar focused on mobilizing prolifers to oppose Obama’s efforts. That’s almost Thirty Six Thousand. It’s the largest such gathering of prolifers ever. Below is their action program, which they encouraged all of us to promulgate. Get busy and pass this to all the prolifers you know. Link up this post or copy paste. Give your legislators a hard time over the August recess. Specific language has to be written into any heath care bill to exclude abortion coverage, which would otherwise be added by Obama’s wildly pro abort health care administration.

Prevent Washington D.C. Bureaucrats and Abortion Industry
Lobbyists from Forcing YOU to Pay for Abortions
What’s at stake right now:
• The current health care reform proposals, if enacted, would result in the biggest
expansion of abortion since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision imposed
abortion on America in 1973
• Washington D.C. bureaucrats and abortion industry lobbyists are trying to force
YOU to pay for abortions through your tax dollars as part of their proposed trilliondollar
healthcare takeover – even though recent polls show that 71% of Americans
oppose taxpayer-funded abortion
• This political power-grab is an effort to implement one of the cornerstones of the
“Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA), and could lead to a massive taxpayersubsidized
abortion industry bailout – something that American families do not
support and cannot afford in these tough economic times
• Under the proposed healthcare takeover, virtually every American would be forced
into a health plan that mandates abortion coverage; if the healthcare reform law
does not clearly state that abortion is excluded, abortion automatically becomes a
minimum required benefit
• Elected officials must include language to explicitly exclude abortion from any
healthcare reform proposal or bill – keep abortion out of healthcare!

What YOU can do about it:
1. Pray
2. E-mail and write letters to your Representative and two Senators at:
3. Call the Washington office and the local office of your Representative and two
Senators; instructions at:
4. Spread the word! Distribute this flyer to everyone you know and use Facebook,
Twitter, and e-mail samples at:
5. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper using samples at:

On some Near Term Alternatives to Obama-care.

Medical professionals should understand that there will soon be no legal recourse when their human rights are violated as in the case of Nurse DeCarlo at Mt Sinai Medical Center of New York. Obama has lined up judicial appointees and government health care administrators who are demanding that health care professionals add killing humans to their skills and practices.

Young people need to choose careers in alternative medicine, and veterinary medicine, if their interest lies in health care. Existing health care professionals need to plan their next career. The sooner that Obama’s health care plan suffers total collapse, the sooner it can be replaced with a more humane system, focused on care and healing rather than killing.

Veterinary schools need to offer more elective courses in the primary care of humans as a large animal. There will be little to no health care available to the people of rural America in the Obama plan. Alternative care or veterinary care is preferable to Obama-care. Pharmer also notes, for public benefit, that is easier to gain admission to medical school than to veterinary school. You KNOW what that means……..

The one potential difficulty of veterinary care for humans as large animals is that the docs are accustomed to euthanasia and abortion. For some of them, the standard of care for domestic animals might carry over too easily to humans.

Vigilance is always necessary when dealing with the health care providers of today and the near future.

Nurse Sues Mt Sinai Hospital

Nurse Catherina Lorena Cenzon-DeCarlo, and the Alliance Defense fund are bringing suit against Mt Sinai Medical Center in New York for strong arming her into assisting with an elective abortion procedure.

Though her conscientous objection was known by the employer since 2004, Ms. DeCarlo was threatened with a charge of patient abandonment, loss of job, and loss of license for her objection to participating in an elective abortion. While there is pretense that the abortion was necessary for a woman diagnosed with preeclampsia, competent nurses realize that a baby does not have to be cut up and willfully killed when a premature delivery must take place to save the life of a mother.

From the apparent bad judgment in this case, and the inappropriate handling of this nurses conscientious objection it seems that the OB-Gyns of Mt. Sinai Hospital lack basic competency and respect for women. Patients might want to take this into consideration when choosing where to obtain obstetric services.

The lawsuit against Mt Sinai, for the violation of Nurse DeSalvo’s human rights, and the apparent incompetence with which they handled this patient’s case is, in Pharmer’s opinion, well deserved.

Find a Simon Mall to Boycott

Spread the joy…….. CLICK HERE to find a mall or business to boycott!

Why? Because the Concord Mills Mall kicked out a business owner who sells conservative political items, some of them clearly anti – Obama.

You’ve seen the nauseating Obama-mania stuff, the anti-Bush stuff, and the faintly or overtly pornographic stuff at the Malls. So certainly there should be a legitimate place for us to buy our fun political literature, bumperstickers, T Shirts, etc.

But Noooo Loren Spivack (Free Market Warrior) is not allowed to sell his wares to us normal folk, because some Leftist whiner cried to the mall administration and the Charlotte observer that opposing Obama is racist. Spivack is out by July 31.

Call a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for those liberals, and the company that gave in to them……. they’ll need it if you decide to boycott the Simon Property Group owned businesses till they invite Loren Spivack to stay, or pay for his move back into the mall.

I made it easy for you, and it’s most fun if you call and tell them. Click that top link and find a mall close to home to AVOID. You’re gonna need to save the money to pay for Cap and Tax, your socialized medicine plus other people’s abortions, and the food tax, cigarette tax, etc.

Redistribute the “joy”.

Dick Durbin Says Abortions High in DC because Population of Blacks is High

Jill Stanek reported on this first — and it needs to be echoed, since the majority still are not understanding the racist eugenic motivation for the abortion agenda in the United States.

Listen to the audio HERE to Senator Dick Durban tell Sen Brownback (who opposed federally funding the abortions in Washington DC) :

Durbin: In terms of safe, legal and rare, to the Senator from KS, I will tell you 2 things. First, it is a fact that a disproportionately large number of African Americans seek abortion in America, not just in the District of Columbia, but all across the nation.

Brownback: 41%?

Durbin: No, but it’s also a fact that a disproportionately large number of African Americans live in the District of Columbia.

Brownback: 41%?

Durbin: I’m telling you, look at the numbers.

Brownback: I’m telling – I’m just asking you, aren’t there enough [abortions] here?

Durbin: Look at the numbers, and you will find this to be true.

Brownback: This – this is not high enough?

Brownback had introduced an amendment to retain the BAN on federal funding for the abortion in Washingon DC, which failed this past week.

The Dems apparently think that a higher than 41% percent rate of abortion is NEEDED in Washinton DC because……………..

Major Stefan Cook Fired for Questioning Obama’s Birth Certificate

In a post below is the story of Major Stefan Frederick Cook, a reservist who filed a lawsuit questioning Obama’s qualifications as commander in chief, based upon his inability to show natural born citizenship. The Department of Defense has compelled his private employer, Simtech, a defense contracter to fire Major Cook as a result of this lawsuit, and the revocation of his orders to be deployed to Afghanistan.

The long arm of the Chicago thugs reaches out in vengeance to those who question the authority of the “anointed one”. This, of course is in violation of the Whistleblower act. More Lawsuits are Forthcoming.